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Syed Shiraz HYDER MD
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Syed Shiraz HYDER MD
Neurology - North Dakota Bismarck

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North Dakota

(City : Bismarck)
(ZIP : 58502)
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Asma T (Patient) 10-18-2009
I m from Karachi, Pakistan n hv been suffering from Myasthenia Gravis since 2002..i went him to take treatment for my Myasthenia Gravis.. he is the most wonderful doctor i have ever met n i pray that he comes back to Karachi soon..he always tries his best to give his patient the latest best maximum possible treatment, he listens to each n every problem of urs in detail, he gives u time, he encourages you, gives you hope, he not only treats u physically but also morally..he is not only a good doctor but a good human being.. n i can bet, if anybody meets him, he/she will always wish to see him for his/her medical problems.n he is highly responsive, whenever i emailed him, he replied me alway. though he has shifted to USA permanenly n visit Karachi very rarely n now m under the treatment of other physian, but i email him to take his advice as well..he is highly expert in his field, i have met so many neurophysians but he is the best.n i adore him coz he had really supported me n he is the one who gave me the initial treatment for MG. h had a major contribution in my life, whatever i m today, n where ever im standing today,

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Office PO Box 997 St Alexis Med Ctr Burleigh Bismarck ND 58502
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Office Phone # :
(612) 4379289

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Medical School
Dow Med Coll, Univ Of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
Graduation Year
(37 years of experience)

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