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Mary L (Patient) 06-11-2008
I highly recommend Dr. Dietz as a doctor. She preformed my surgery in 1999 at the Cleveland Clinic. She is very knowledgeable and supportive!

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Linda Bailey (Patient) 01-10-2007
Dr. Jill Dietz is an excellent breast surgeon. She removed both my breasts. She is personalable and takes time with her patients. When you are diagnosed with breast cancer things move very quickly and you have to make a lot of decisions without much delay. She was very good about explaining my options, did not push me into something I did not want to do, and very effectively communicated my situation in a realistic and competent manner. She also relayed the urgency of the matter without unecessarily alarming me. Jill has a very good bedside manner and is technically proficient in the area of breast surgery. She was honest and forthright with answers to my questions. I would recommend Jill Dietz to any woman in the St. Louis area that is facing breast cancer.

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