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Anesthesiology - Indiana Newburgh

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(City : Newburgh)
(ZIP : 47630)
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Ingela (Friend) 11-30-2011
This doctor not only cares about his patients, but he is the most knowledgable and ethical physician I know. He always goes above and beyond for his patients and colleagues alike.

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Carina (Patient) 11-30-2011
The best doctor I have ever known in my life!

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Pat (Patient) 05-25-2011
This is the most caring and thoughtful doctor I have ever known! Very detailed and knowledgeable.

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Kent (Patient) 07-31-2008
Dr. Symreng stands out above all other doctors I have dealt with. He listens, and discusses everything before anything is ever done. The most cheerful, comforting friendly, trustworthy, experienced doctor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Each of his patients is different and he treats each one differently according to their needs. I receive spinal nerve blocks from him about every 5 weeks now. When I know he is the Dr. doing the procedure, I am never nerves, concerned, or scared. Even though the procedure is mostly the same each time, he has always taken time to explain everything and makes sure that I am O.K..

If this world had more doctors like Dr. Symreng, I truly feel that our health care would be so much better.

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(812) 4857959

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Univ I Linkoping, Med Fak, Linkoping, Sweden
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(45 years of experience)

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