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Misty P (Patient) 09-10-2007
I misty pearson recommend Dr. Short . I am 33 years old and she has done so much for me.I have one beautiful daughter and I didnt want anymore.So Dr.Short introduced me to a new tubual procedure called the ESSURE and it was the best thing i have ever done. The day i had it done that afternoon i was walking around walmart and i had no down time from it. My periods are ALOT lighter (really dont even have one).And the best thing is i dont have to worry about being pregnant.Dr.Short is WONDERFUL!!!! Everyone needs to have a doctor who cares about there patients like family.

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Katherine Fowler (Patient) 01-30-2007
Dr. Short is not only a great ob/gyn but also a great friendly caring person. She will take the time you need with her, and will work with you with any concerns you have. I recently worked with her with menopause and thyroid concerns, she not only tested my hormone levels and thyroid, and that was without having to request it. Can't express enough how much I love this Dr.

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