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Alan Kirt MUNOZ MD
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Alan Kirt MUNOZ MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Texas Dallas

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(City : Dallas)
(ZIP : 75251)
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Alan Kirt MUNOZ MD's Special Expertises :
Gynecology Gynecological Oncology

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T. Fox (Patient) 07-10-2018
Dr. Munoz is a very knowledgeable, thorough and caring physician. The complexity of my surgery was unforeseen until I was in the operating room. As a person in the healthcare industry, I understand that there are always risks when it comes to surgery, even with the best doctors. He was able to take care of the situation and kept my family informed through the entire process.
He was also very thorough and reassuring during post-op visits. I have recovered very well, as a result of his care. His pleasant and kind demeanor was extremely contagious and made my doctors' visits enjoyable, which is pretty amazing given the nature of my situation. My husband was with me at every visit and he had the same impression of Dr. Munoz. I am very grateful that he was my surgeon and would trust and highly recommend him to all of my friends and family.

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Marilyn B (Patient) 02-06-2014
Dr. Munoz, is a caring, intelligent professional. He is very experienced and skilled in robotic surgery and recently preformed a complete hysterectomy on me. It was very successful and I am recovering well. He spents the time needed with each patient and never makes you feel rushed. That measn you some times have to wait for a couple of hours to get in for your appointments, but it is worth it. His staff is also very caring and competent. Other doctors speak very well about him also.

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Pamela C S (Patient) 09-09-2011
Dr Munoz was my doctor in 1980 when he was doing his internship at Parkland Hospital. I had been having problems with non-stop bleeding for months and the exrays didn't show what the problem was. Dr Munoz decided to cut & tie my tubes so I would not have to take birth control pills any longer, which we both felt was causing the problems. While prepping me for surgery Dr Munoz found a growth and determined that my uterus and cervix had to come out. I asked him to remove my ovaries but he said I was too young. I loved my doctor and he did a great job. I highly recommend Dr Munoz.

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Donna L (Patient) 08-04-2010
I saw Dr. Munoz as my Gynocological Oncologist for uterine cancer. I am blessed that he was recommended to me. He is very personable, his office staff is caring and friendly. He took plenty of time with me (and my husband) prior to the exam, during the exam and afterwards. He didn't mind our thousand questions! I had a full abdominal hysterectomy with removal of ovaries, tubes, cervix and lympy nodes. When I developed an infection, he saw me immediately. Prior to surgery he wouldn't discuss further treatment until we knew what we were dealing with. As it turns out, he used the "cured" word as all pathology reports came back clear. Many women do treatment in his office, they even sound like they enjoy each other's company! He caters lunch for those who have infusions. I highly recommend Dr. Munoz and his associates!

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Suzanne Payne (Patient) 02-05-2007
Dr. Munoz performed my Total Abdominal Hysterectomy and removal of an ovarian mass May 2006. I could not have asked for a more compassionate doctor. He listened to all my concerns and took the time to answer any question that my hubby and I had...making certain we were comfortable with his procedures and expectations. His follow-up care was just as wonderful as the visits prior to surgery. Having been under the care of other physicians, I can certainly recommend Dr. Munoz as being by far, the BEST doctor I've ever had. His mannerisms are comforting and caring. Additionally, his staff is attentive and makes the patient feel welcome in their office.

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Laurie S (Patient) 01-31-2007
Dr. Munoz performed surgery to remove an extremely large uterine tumor (22cm). The surgery and the recovery were incredibly successful, I could not have asked for a more skill surgeon or a more caring physician. Apparently I am not alone in my profound appreciation for Dr. Munoz, he has been voted Texas Super Doctor several years running. His specialty is gynecologic surgery and oncology.

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