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Eli (Patient) 07-14-2010
Not even factory factory robots deliver like this guy!!!!! :)

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selene (Patient) 08-26-2009
Dr. Dickson, an ob/gyn, is hands-down the best doctor I have ever been to. I have been his patient for almost 2 years now. He is always willing to listen to your concerns and actually takes his time with each office visit so you never feel rushed. He tries to work with you to develop a treatment plan consistent with your goals and health concerns, even if your case is complicated by other medical conditions. He stays up to date with current research and treatment methods and does not automatically push for drastic surgery or treatment options if a medical approach or conservative surgery would be of benefit to his patient. I've had a laparoscopy for endometriosis performed by him and was told by my husband and parents that he was very thorough in explaining what was done during my surgery and was more than willing to answer any questions they had. Dr. Dickson also has a very friendly and comforting bedside manner without losing his professionalism. I honestly have no suggestions as to how he could improve upon his medical practice. I would highly recommend him if you are searching for an ob/gyn.

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Tonja (Patient) 03-09-2009
I have been a patient of Dr. Dickson's since 2003, when he was recommended to me by a close friend. I had never had any health problems at all, until 2006 when I received a report of an abnormal pap smear while under Dr.Dickson's care. This was a shock since I never received an abnormal pap smear report. Dr. Dickson was very thorough with me about the process and tests we would have to go through to determine if I had cancerous cells or not. We went through each test, and he performed a cone biopsy on me. Thank God he removed all the pre-cancerous cells, and they did not spread beyond my cervis. Dr. Dickson performed my surgery on a Friday, and early Monday morning called me to see how I was recovering. I appreciated that. I did not require a hysterecomy, which Dr. Dickson explained could be a possibility. Dr. Dickson and his staff are very professional, caring, and very pleasant. I highly recommend him. Even other doctors, in his specialty and out of his specialty, speak highly of Dr. Dickson.

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Darlene (Patient) 01-31-2007
He is very much in tune to Women's health. He no longer practices OB just GYN. He always makes me feel as I am his only patient, even with a room full of patients. After my hysterectomy I was released from the hospital on Saturday and he took the time to personally call me at home on Sunday to see how I was feeling. I wish I had found him many years ago.
He is a wonderful Doctor and a very caring person.

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