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Charles Stephen BALE MD
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Charles Stephen BALE MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - South Carolina Rock Hill

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South Carolina

(City : Rock Hill)
(ZIP : 29732)
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Charles Stephen BALE MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Sayre F (Patient) 05-01-2013
Dr. Bale has been my ob gyn for the last few years. He helped me through infertility and miscarriage, diagnosed me with PCOS which previous doctors were unable to do, and then created a simple treatment plan to help me conceive my son.
Most recently, I was diagnosed with significant pelvic organ prolapse, and required a hysterectomy. Dr. Bale is a skilled and compassionate surgeon, thoughtful and attentive to my concerns. He is clearly very experienced and was able to provide me with the least invasive surgery, a vaginal hysterectomy. Any worries I have had post operatively he and or his nursing staff have responded immediately and with an appropriate degree of concern.
Additionally, he operates at Carolina's Medical Center Pineville, and I had an excellent experience there as well.
I highly, highly recommend Dr. Bale. Please, put yourself in his hands.

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Jam (Patient) 08-04-2008
I highly recommend Dr. Bale. As a patient, I feel he gives his undivided attention to my particular case and takes as much time as is necessary to answer all questions/concerns I have. Also his surgical skills and post-op bedside manner should be noted as being well above my expectations.

After having a procedure preformed by another physician in a different practice, I had some unforeseen complications. In seeking out a second opinion, I found Dr. Bale (who was able to see me in 2 days from when I called even!!). Not only did he listen to my entire history/backstory, he looked me straight in the eye and gave me his honest, no holds bar opinion which was the most refreshing thing to hear from a doctor. He suggested we try a few avenues to see if we could alleviate my symptoms and put a plan into place for how he wanted to approach my situation. After all non-surgical efforts failed, he recommended a hysterectomy. As a younger woman (done having children though) I was worried, concerned and had a million questions. He took the time to listen to all my worries, concerns and answer all my questions. He even recommended a minimally invasive procedure called a LSH where I could keep my cervix and both ovaries as long as all was healthy when he went in. True to his word, I kept both ovaries and my cervix and went home the same evening!! My recovery was quick and without complication. Any time I had a question, regardless of how simple or silly it seemed, he took the time to get back to me. And when the pathology report came back, he called me personally to check on me and give me the results.

For anyone looking for a caring and compassionate and competent OB/Gyn, he should be considered!

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Office 200 S Herlong Ave Ste F York Rock Hill SC 29732
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Office Phone # :
(704) 5417163
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(704) 5419208

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Univ Of Louisville Sch Of Med, Louisville Ky 40202
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(39 years of experience)

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