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Angela J (Patient) 08-01-2008
The office staff is great- Dr. Iskra is wonderful. She thoroughly explains everything and is never in a rush like some Dr's are.
I highly recommend her!

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Sandy (Patient) 02-07-2008
I have custody of my great nephew. I have been taking him to Dr. Iskra's office since day one. The office staff is always very helpful, taking great measures to get him in as soon as need be. The doctor is very attentive to not only the patient, but also to the care giver. She answers every question I have without hesitation. I could not imagine taking him anywhere else! This is a great office to make your childs pediatrician.

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Heather Bennett (Patient) 02-01-2007
Dr. Iskra is very kind to each of our three children. She does not push medication, but only gives what she truly feels is necessary. She patiently listens to all of our parental concerns, and answers them to our complete satisfaction. She even answers when we ask what she would do if she were dealing with her own child, which has comfoted us when our children refuse non-prescription medicines. We have had to call her after hours for our son who has allergic reactions, and for our daughter who was severely premature. No matter the hour or the day, she is friendly and patient. We like her so much that we chose to follow her when she moved to an office further away, rather then seek another, closer doctor. I would highly recommend her to anyone, without reservation.

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