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James Wynn BELYEU MD
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James Wynn BELYEU MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Alabama Alabaster

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(City : Alabaster)
(ZIP : 35007)
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Brenda L (Patient) 07-20-2009
Dr Belyeu has been my doctor for 29 years. Dr Belyeu is like no other doctor you have ever had. You are not just a number to him, but he treats you very special. He is very understanding. He takes as much time as is needed, never rushing to get out & on to the next patient. Dr. Belyeu is a Christian Doctor. He and his staff have prayer for their patients each morning before the office opens and he also prays with his patients. This really lets me know how special I am to him. He delivered my last two children. Dr. Belyeu also was the first gynecologist for my two daughters. He was God's tool in saving my grandchild when my daughter was threatened with a miscarriage. (Thank you, Dr Belyeu for our little Jesse) If Dr Belyeu was still in the delivery business, he would be delivering my 5th grandchild from my youngest daughter. Yes, I would recommend him very much for any lady. Thanks Dr Belyeu, We Love You Lots!

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Luanne Anderson (Patient) 01-11-2007
This man is a Godsend! He is the Hormone King of Kings! I am in my 30's and had a total hysterectomy 5 years ago, so, needless to say, my body wasn't ready for this Surgical Menopause. Thanks to my sisters on Hystersisters.com for convincing me to check with a compounding pharmacy for a Dr that specializes in hormone therapy. He took me off of a horrible 'horse urine' pill that was loading me up with stuff I didn't need and put me on a natural patch and a couple compounded hormones. The difference was night and day. Dr. Belyeu (pronounced ballew) spent most of the first visit getting to know me. He is a very compassionate, understanding individual and his patients are WAY more than just another number. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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Office 240 7th Ave NE Alabaster 35007
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Office Phone # :
(205) 6640442
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(205) 6204382

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Univ Of Al Sch Of Med, Birmingham Al 35294
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(44 years of experience)

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