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kathy b (Patient) 05-23-2012
I have been goin to Dr Kil for 10 years and I send all my friends,family and aquaintances to him. He is awesome! Very knowledgeable,compassionate,patient and treats you like you are his only patient. I Highly reccommend him.

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TB (Patient) 04-12-2012
Dr. Kil is the best! He is very patient and takes his time explaining things clearly. He never makes you feel rushed during your appointment and his modesty in dealing with delicate conversations and issues is of utmost importance. I highly recommend him!

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Lesley (Patient) 01-17-2011
I live in Northern VIrginia and have seen many large high profile practices, but did not find comfort in my medical care until I switched my healthcare to Dr. Kil. When I started seeing him all I wanted was for my husband and I to start a family. Dr. Kil informed me that if I were patient and we followed the path that he laid out for me that it would come in time. He said it may involve my seeing other doctors outside of the practice but at the end it would be he and I..no matter what he would be my doctor.

My twins are now over 2 years old and everything he told me was true. I had to see some specialists, but I followed his path and guidance and he delivered my babies and I am forever gratful to him.

His practice from day one was extremley accomodating, understanding and compassionate.

If anyone thinks that they are going into any medical practice and never have an appointment moved, rescheduled and billing issue or just encounter someone having a bad day then I feel sorry for you. You will never find that anywhere.

Rapphannock Womens Health Center Offer Everything:

Wonderful Physicans

Amazing Nurses (Jennifer Lucas)
Ultrasound on site
Lab in buiding
Billing onsite

I have referred all my friends and family members to this practice and hope that you too will give them a chance. The biggest compliment is a referral!

THanks for everything.

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C Harris (Patient) 01-02-2011
I switched to Dr. Kil about 5 months into my pregnancy with my daughter. The first OB I started seeing was very sloppy with with test results and didn't seem very knowledgable of current medical practices.I have been to numerous doctors about my endometriosis and PCOS and none have seemed to care or even understand the conditions. Dr Kil has been completly different, he took time to explain things. My husband even thinks he is a wonderful doctor and is so thankful that we found him. I always feel very confident with what he tells me and have recomended him to friends as well as family.

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Sarah (Patient) 03-27-2010
I had a long history of pelvic pain. I had gone to different doctors until I was referred to Dr. Jae Kil by one of the nurses at Mary Washington Hospital. He listened carefully to my problems and correctly diagnosed and treated endometriosis through surgical procedure. I am now pain free and forever grateful to Dr. Kil.

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Mary Rose D (Patient) 07-24-2008
Dr. Kil is a very kind, caring and considerate doctors. His visits are thorough and he answers all of your questions, never making you feel silly for asking even the simplest things. He puts you at ease and when you are under his care you never feel rushed. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

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Renee S (Patient) 09-13-2007
Dr.Jae Kil is the best doctor in the world. He went above and beyond to find the main source of my five-year problem.He didn't just treat the symptoms like many other doctors did. Thanks to him my problem was corrected and I was able to conceive a child. I too would not see anyone else but him. I can never thank him enough for all he has done for our family.I will never go to anyone else.

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Wendy (Patient) 02-02-2007
Dr. Kil is a great listener. He is respectful of patient input. He is on top of the latest research in the field. He is acutely aware of treatment appropriate for polycystic ovary syndrome. I've been seeing him for about 13 years and wouldn't see anyone else.

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