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Frani (Patient) 04-02-2010
I have been a patient since I was pregnant for my oldest child- 26 years ago. With full confidence, I can state that Dr. Johnson is highly competent and consistently displays a professional and respectful manner and offers an unwavering standard of excellence in patient care.

Dr. Johnson stages the office visit by first stopping in to talk to the patient and thereafter, steps out and allows the patient a few minutes to prepare for the exam. It is not rushed it is dignified. His approach seems to calm, what could be by nature, a stressful visit. Dr. Johnson balances all of this with his kind and caring personality that has not changed in over two decades. I feel as if he checks in on my overall well-being by simply spending just a few minutes to talk to me and ensures that all of my questions have been answered. He is positive, informative, and listens attentively.

I have to say, that I have truly been blessed to have this doctor in my life and would highly recommend him.

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Rene (Patient) 03-03-2009
I have been a patient of Dr. Johnson's since I was 18-years-old. (I am now - eh em- 40 !!)

He has delivered all three of my children.

I would absolutely have to agree with the other statements. I am someone who has a "doctor phobia". From the moment he walks into the room, Dr. Johnson has a calming pressence. He is really LISTENS to you and never makes you feel rushed. Even when I would call with "emergencies" in the middle of night, not once did make me feel like a bother or a nuisance. (Even though I probably was!! ha!)

He and his AMAZING staff are truly compassionate and comforting, especially during difficult times. I highly recommend Dr. J. and could sing his praises all day!

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Maria (Patient) 12-03-2008
Absolutely the BEST doctor!! Not only did he deliver my 2 children but I also worked in the obstetrics dept in hospital and got to see what an outstanding professional, compassionate individual he is!! As a patient, I would feel in complete ease as soon as he would walk in the door. He is gentle, patient, compassionate, & always has everything under control..He is absolutely by far the best OB in the area!!
Or any area that is..He's that amazing!!

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Andi (Patient) 08-13-2008
He is sweet, he listens, he knows WHO you are. You are not a number, you are a person. He gives you his time, and answers EVERY question you have. He delivered my 2 children. I highly recommend him. If you have Dr. Alan Johnson as your doctor, you can't go wrong.
Our family LOVES him. His staff is outstanding too.

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corinamarie453 (Patient) 07-08-2008
I started seeing Dr. Alan Johnson when I moved to the area and became pregnant with my 3rd child. He was amazing, best attention to details and just plain caring. He is very calming and reassuring and takes good care of you. I had complications with my pregnancy he made me feel like everything would be OK no matter what. He and the nursing staff are amazing and I continue to see him now. I highly recommend him!

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amy (Patient) 12-31-2007
Dr Johnson has been my doctor since I was 12 years old and had my first irregular period (60 days straight bleeding, then only 7 days off, then 45 days straight bleeding, etc. etc.) I am now 32 yrs old and still love going to him because he really does listen and genuinely cares about his patients. I'm hoping that someday I will have children and he will be the one to deliver them!

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BAC (Patient) 07-11-2007
Never did I expect to be comfortable with a male ob/gyne.... Until my mother recomemended Dr. Johnson.... I suspect that as one becomes more used to their annual it becomes nothing, so to speak; however, I began seeing Dr. Johnson at a fairly young age and still had not quite gotten over my 'nerves', but, following my first visit with Dr, Johnson I walked out feeling like an individual- not just another patient. Some years later that feeling has remained the same. This is a doctor who LISTENS, TALKS to you, makes you feel comfortable, has a personality, does not rush your appt., and, again, treats you like an individual. Oh, and his staff are incredible- very personable!

I STRONGLY recommend this physician

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Barb Cantrell (Patient) 02-03-2007
Dr. Alan Johnson is a wonderful, gentle and caring doctor. He makes sure that you understand everything and does not rush you out.

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