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Mack Nathaniel BARNES MD
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Mack Nathaniel BARNES MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Alabama Birmingham

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(City : Birmingham)
(ZIP : 35233)
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Mack Nathaniel BARNES MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Mary Rodgers (Patient) 07-10-2018
Dr Barnes performed my hysterectomy due to Endometriosis. He explained that Endometriosis can act like cancer in how it spreads and grows, which is why I was referred to him. He was sure to answer all of my questions prior to my surgery, and called me the day before to check in to let me know he was thinking of me and to see if I had any extra questions. His bedside manner is superb.

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Allison (Patient) 02-15-2015
He tells you "I will always be honest with you", when you are having to go see an oncologist gyn it means a great deal. The night before my surgery he called me to just let me know he was thinking about me and we were going to face whatever is head together. After my surgery my pathology report was taking sometime, he called me on a Saturday to give me the results even though I would be in to see him on Monday.

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Wendy R (Patient) 05-06-2012
I have suffered from Stage IV Endometriosis for 5-7 years and Dr Barnes is the first doctor I went to that treated me like I was in pain. His office is the most efficient doctor's office that I have ever been to. The entire office treats patients like they are already going through a lot and they want to make the office visit as easy on the patient as possible. Dr. Barnes is a very skilled surgeon withe excellent bedside manner. He is very skilled in robotic surgery which made my recovery a breeze compared to what the other doctors I consulted stated my recovery would be. He calls you HIMSELF before your surgery and calls you himself with the results of any pathology. He is wonderful and he saved my life.

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Joanna A (Patient) 01-03-2008
Dr. Barnes and his staff are beyond compare. Knowledgablee, caring and professional.

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lucky123 (Patient) 02-03-2007
Just want anyone looking for a GYN oncologist in the Birmingham, AL area to look him up if you need one for ovarian cancer.
Mine was suspected and after he did the consult with me he did the surgery right away. The surgery (lap) went well and he was very nice and professional. No problems. and he gave me my results that day, no agonizing waiting!
I am no longer his patient (I moved) but I highly recommend!!

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Office 2000 6th Ave S Birmingham 35233
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Office Phone # :
(205) 9342051
Fax # :
(205) 9757785

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Medical School
Univ Of Nc At Chapel Hill Sch Of Med, Chapel Hill Nc 27599
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(28 years of experience)

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