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(City : Little Rock)
(ZIP : 72209)
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Brenda B (Patient) 11-12-2011
I have been a patient of Dr.Caruthers for 4 years and like her very much. She was the staff Dr. who did physical exams on all new employees at St. Vincent Hospital when I started working there almost 30 years ago. I noticed how nice she was and what a calm bedside manner she had. After working with many of the Sisters of Charity who ran St.Vincent, I found many of them used her as their own physician and were crazy about her. She seemed to take a very personal interest in their health. Both of my daughters saw her for awhile when they were still living at home. Although on one occasion the office staff was unable to get me in to see her when I was desperately ill, I've learned to appreciate the more casual, family atomosphere of her office and can usually get an appt. fairly quickly. I have great anxiety about dr. visits and both she and her staff have been very patient and understanding about that, which helps my anxiety level. She also does not seem to over-prescribe or assume that there is a drug to fix every problem...she "gets" that emotional issues and things going on in a person's life often drive illnesses and she takes the time to listen to those. She knows that I try to avoid taking drugs and will try natural methods of treatment before seeking drug solutions and she is more open than most doctors about letting me make some of those choices. I've often gone long periods between appts. but she doesn't spend time chastising me about this or attempting to make me feel like I deserve to be sick because I don't seek HER treatmenf for every ailment. She has a very calming effect on me and I would recommend her to anyone who is apprehensive about seeing a doctor. I've found her to be an astute diagnostician because she is an active listener.

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Office 6924 Geyer Springs Rd Pulaski Little Rock AR 72209
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(501) 5621463
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(501) 5622702
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Univ Of Ar Coll Of Med, Little Rock Ar 72205
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(41 years of experience)

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