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Louise B (Patient) 06-15-2018
If you need a compassionate, extremely intelligent, up to date on/or coming up with new ways for a gynecologic oncologist, this man is unbelievable. He is definitely one of a kind in a world of hurry up and get to the next. He is so awesome. The first time I met him my fears of having cancer and the need for surgery left. He is genuine, caring, and above the top of his profession. Trust him and his hands. I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and Dr Krivak did a robotically assisted total hysterectomy, BSO, tubes and cervix.

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Debi (Patient) 03-28-2018
Dr Krivak is an extraordinary physician whose heart and compassion for his patients is equally as impressive as his skills. He goes above and beyond to assure all questions and concerns are addressed to the patientís satisfaction personally. His attention to detail is second to none. I guarantee this physician will exceed your wildest expectations. You will immediately feel safe and secure after meeting him for the first time. He truly is gifted but yet humble. The world needs more physiciansand surgeons like him!

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Natalie D (Patient) 05-29-2013
He saved my life! In remission from stage 3c ovarian cancer for almost 4yrs now. he was always concerned like you wre his family. that meant a lot to me.

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Melissa (Patient) 05-16-2011
When I found out I had uterine/endometrial cancer, I was blown away. My gyno referred me to Dr. Tom (that's what I call him!) My first visit there all my fears were gone. I knew he would take good care of me. He explained everything, how it would be done, etc. and made sure I left there with no unanswered questions! I have never had any surgeries and i was beyond scared to death!! He held my hand, and assured me there are plenty of ppl on his staff and I would be in great hands. Well, I was, his hands are great :) With no complications at all, they did their job and am now free of cancer. I continue to go back for my checkups and always get wonderful care from him and everyone there! I live a little far away, but I make the trip for the best! I just love him! I would never go to anyone else for these needs now, ever. Keep on goin Dr. Tom, there are NO other Dr.'s like you! As per my mom, It doesn't hurt that you're a handsome devil
either! HAHA!! She thinks you're the best thing since sliced bread!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Nancy (Patient) 08-27-2009
I am one of those people (female) that only goes to female doctors. Even my eye doctor and dentist are female. When I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in February 2009, my female gynecologist referred me to Dr. Krivak. When I found out this was a male doctor, I was apprehensive. That apprehension disappeared after my first appointment with Dr. Krivak. He is so kind and compassionate. Excellent bedside manner while remaining totally professional. He explains things so that anyone can understand, He encourages questions. He is very attentive, promptly responding to phone calls or emails. I thank God for Dr. Krivak! I trust his knowledge and expertise completely. He performed major abdominal surgery from which I recovered without any complications. Afterward, he referred me to appropriate doctors for continuation of care and for treatment of new medical issues unrelated to the surgery. I hope I never need any additional gynecological/oncology related surgery, however, if I do, it is infinitely reassuring and comforting to know that Dr. Krivak will be there for me. THANK YOU DR. KRIVAK!!!

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Jennifer (Patient) 08-19-2008
Dr. Krivak is a gynecological oncologist. I chose to see him when I found out I was positive for the family BRCA1 gene mutation because I wanted my uterus removed dut to my family history (prophylactic surgery). Dr. Krivak had done my grandmother's hysterectomy after her uterine cancer diagnosis just 3 years ago and she continues to see him for her oncology regimen. She is difficult to please, yet continues to gush about him. (With Dr. Krivak, you are getting 2 birds with one stone -- surgeon and oncologist)

He is WONDERFUL!! His bedside manner is incredible (comforting, cheerful, friendly) and he does a lot of research -- 2 very important things to me. He is experienced and diligent. He even called me twice to make certain I received my pathology results -- once he left a message and again the following day to ascertain that I did get the results/make sure he was available for any questions.

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