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Bradley Delain ROBISON MD
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Bradley Delain ROBISON MD
Psychiatry - Missouri Cape Girardeau

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(City : Cape Girardeau)
(ZIP : 63701)
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Bradley Delain ROBISON MD's Special Expertises :
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Psychiatry

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Libby L (Patient) 08-27-2008
Dr. Robison is trustworthy, I suggest him because he is very genuine. The dr I met on the very first day is the same dr today, only almost 5 years later.
He is distinguished and " real " . I have always said 1 chapter of my book I write in the future will be dedicated to him, but in all sincerity 1 chapter would not sum up the challenges that Dr's and patients travel thru. Our therapeutic relationship is strengthened as my voyage Of healing continues. Dr. Robison has a very safe office, and that was a slow process for me to come to understand. "Safe", I understand that his office walls are strong enough to hear why my heart shattered
and was abandoned. He is my life coach, I am now unafraid to look back
because he has taught me I am ok, even if I don't feel like I am ok. He has taught me to slow down, look around, feel the scars, feel them, but still know I am ok.
Powerful and meaningful words that continue to heal and give encouragement.
You see, Dr. Robison manages my medicine, but only to help with symptoms. He has never prescribed me medicine without telling me how it will help and to let him know if I feel otherwise. I have much more to say about this doctor and why I suggest him but unfortunately words can't capture the essence of this doctor and his true desire for others to discover mental health.It's not easy and all happy days when you heal from trauma, but it's a process I have learned and I have learned to trust this healing voyage, but it all started by meeting an individual who has taught me what safe people look like and what they do.

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Office 106 Farrar Dr Ste 109 Cape Girardeau Cape Girardeau MO 63701
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Office Phone # :
(573) 3347055
Fax # :
(573) 7223650

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Medical School
Univ Of Mo, Columbia Sch Of Med, Columbia Mo 65212
Graduation Year
(27 years of experience)

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