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Medical College of Wisconsin - 2000
Phoenix Integeated Residency - 2004
AAGL/SRS fellowship (CY Liu - preceptor) - 2005
Intuitive (Davinci) Robotics Proctor
Faculty and Presenter at World Congress of AAGL - 2005 to present

Jeff ARRINGTON MD's Special Expertises :
Laparoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery for women. My practice focuses on laparoscopic management for hysterectomy, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic prolapse and other gynecologic problems...

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K M (Patient) 08-30-2018
Dr. Arrington is compassionate, patient, and SO GOOD. Very grateful for my experience with him!

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Kim (Patient) 04-06-2011
I was scheduled for a total abdominal hysterectomy with another doctor in the Ogden area. My work insurance kicked in and I was told that the doctor that I was seeing didn’t take the insurance that my work offered so they suggested that I call Ogden Women’s clinic where I was scheduled to see Dr. Jeff Arrington. During my visit I was told by Dr. Arrington: “I can do a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, with a possibly partial abdominal”, I was thrilled knowing that the other doctor was going to do a full abdominal and he was telling me he could do something less invasive so I immediately said: “Ok let’s do it”. I went in for surgery and was pleasantly surprised when I found out that he didn’t do a partial abdominal at all, he took the extra time required to make my recovery faster and easier. I am so impressed with Dr. Arrington I would recommend him to anyone. I feel better than I have felt in years, and I am so thankful that I had to change doctors, I think of what I could have went through Vs what he was able to do, I stand amazed and I am so very thankful. He is also very personable, and listens to you with sincere interest. He has all the qualities you look for in a doctor all wrapped up into one. Thank you Dr. Arrington.

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Tara (Patient) 03-01-2010
Dr. Arrington is wonderful. He is genuinely interested in your health and takes considerable time ensuring that you are comfortable and well educated. I had surgery 9 days ago and I feel great. He is truly an expert in both his specialty and communication.

Go visit with him, email him... you won't be disappointed!

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Lori (Patient) 02-25-2010
Dr. Arrington is the first doctor I have ever seen that really tells it as it is. He is honest, he has a very calming way about him. The panic I felt ws very much put at ease with his bedside manner. I feel better today, 2 weeks after surgery, than I have felt in 6 years.

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Nikki (Patient) 02-25-2010
Dr. Arrington has forever changed my life. I had been struggling with painful painful periods since I was 21, I was also trying to get pregnant with no success for about a year and a half. I Saw Dr. Arrington for the first time in July 2007 he told me that I probably have Endometriosis and to be sure he would have to do laparoscopic surgery. So in Nov. 2007 i had the surgery, it was not bad at all I was able to walk around 4 days later and go back to work 1 week later. The next month after the surgery i hardly had any pain and 2 months later i was able to get pregnant. Dr. Arrington is the best Dr. I have ever known. He takes time to listen and answer any question's you have and he explains things so that you can understand it. I will never see another Gynecologist again.

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Deb (Patient) 09-02-2008
I live in Houston and had a uterus as large as a 18 week pregnancy. My doctor in Houston told me my uterus was too big to be managed laparoscopically. My sister works for Dr. Arrington and mentioned that he had done a fellowship specifically in advanced laparoscopy and had been successful in surgery for very large uteruses. Dr. Arrington met with me and was very kind and explained all the options available. He even mentioned that simply observing the fibroids in my uterus was an option.

I decided to have my uterus removed and everything went very smoothly. My whole hysterectomy was done laparoscopically with even the cervix removed. I believe he is the only doctor in Ogden to be trained to do this. My hospital stay was less than 24 hours and I recovered very quickly. I just had my followup visit and I feel great!

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Office 4403 Harrison Blvd. #4650, Ogden UT 84403
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(801) 3874400
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(801) 3874497
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Ogden, UT
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Medical College of Wisconsin
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