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Paige Elizabeth MORRIS MD
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Paige Elizabeth MORRIS MD
Internal Medicine - Florida Weston

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(City : Weston)
(ZIP : 33331)
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Internal Medicine

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Al (Patient) 05-18-2011
Dr. Page Morris is a very thorough professional. She will sit down with you and listen to your complaints. She knows exactly what to do when she collects all the facts. She's Jovial and easy to relate to.
I heard that she has been transffered to the West palm Beach office. It's really far from me but I won't mind to travel that far to see her.

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Helen J (Patient) 02-19-2011
Today was my first appointment with Dr. Paige Morris. As I am having a problem which required immediate attention I agreed to see her today and keep an appointment for March 1 with another Cleveland Clinic doctor. Dr. Morris is professional, empathetic, thorough and pleasant. She took her time to listen to me as well as provide me with a complete understanding of what was going on and what I was to expect. She answered every question I had and alleviated my fears. Dr. Morris is everything you would want in a doctor. I was so pleased with Dr. Morris I canceled the appointment I had with another doctor and have chosen her to be my internist. I have had medical issues my entire life and have seen more doctors then I care to remember. I am not easy to impress in the least. Dr. Morris definitely impressed me! You won't be disappointed.

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Sue J (Patient) 08-04-2007
Dr. Morris is in internal medicine, and has been my primary physician for about four years. She is also my husband's primary - a convert after seeing the the excellent care I received.
At each appointment I know I can expect to have Dr. Morris' undivided attention, a thorough exam, a plethora of questions designed to get at the cause of the problem and a comprehensive back and forth chat as she explains her findings. She is a kind and intuitive person, soft spoken. She has a confident but gentle demeanor, a very broad scope of medical knowledge and experience and keeps it current.
Dr Morris comes very highly recommended by me (and I'm not actually easily impressed, being a retired nurse. Seen lots of docs! : ). I know of evenings when she has had appointments up till nine p.m....that's dedication.
God bless Dr Morris.

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Sabrina Hicks Myers RN. (Patient) 01-29-2007
Dr. Morris genuinely cares for her patients and expresses this by spending the time to talk with them. She is cheerful, trustworthy, friendly, diligent and very experienced. Her bed side manners are impeccable. As busy as she is, she manages to give each patient undivided attention and thoroughly examines and assesses every issue and concern.
She has been my doctor since 2001 and I have been very satisfied. I have recommended her to many friends and acquaintances and they have agreed that she is very good at what she does.
We need more doctors like her in the world of medicine...but since she is the one and only Dr. Paige Morris, I will continue to join the line of patients in the waiting room waiting to see her.
Call early for an appointment because I am not the only person who has chosen to wait in line. That should be an indication that my views are shared by many others.

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Terri Cannici (Patient) 01-11-2007
Dr. Paige Morris is very calming and very thorough. She takes her time with you and answeers all your questions and concerns with kindness and professionalism.

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