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Vernon Latrell JOHNSON MD
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Vernon Latrell JOHNSON MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Missouri Hazelwood

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(City : Hazelwood)
(ZIP : 63042)
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Vernon Latrell JOHNSON MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

Suggestions & Reviews for Vernon Latrell JOHNSON MD
Sivon (Patient) 09-20-2012
Doctor Johnson delivered my younger two children. I recommend him highly as I've found that he and his to be very professional and caring. Doctor Johnson takes a personal interest in his patients. This interest comes through during his consultations and examinations and made me as a patient feel very comfortable with him. I now live in Texas now and have yet to find a Doctor of the same caliber as Dr. Johnson.

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Rose W (Patient) 03-18-2010
I was 26 and two doctors had told me I needed a hysterectomy and Doctor Johnson did a work up on me and prevented me from having a hysterectomy. Now, I have a 10 year son that I wouldn't have had if it weren't for Doctor Johnson doing his best to save my organs.

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Tyler (Patient) 02-27-2009
I am seventeen years old and have recently had my first ever "vagina" checkup with Dr. Johnson. Because he is also my mother's OBGYN, he is the man that birthed me. It was kind of awkward going into his office and getting down to my birthday suit, but Dr. Johnson was completely relaxed and joked around, making me feel a lot more at ease. I thoroughly recommend Dr. Johnson, especially to mothers who are looking for the right OBGYN to take their daughters to. He's amazing, and he makes the whole ordeal that much less excruciating.


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Tammy (Patient) 09-16-2008
Dr. Johnson,

Is one of the Better OB/GYN Doctors in St. Louis, Missouri

3 years ago he saved my Life. I would died if had not been for Dr. Johnson. It my be a long wait to see him, but I will sit all day if I have to. Now my Daughter is going to have a Baby and is now seeing Dr. Johnson as well.Go Bless Dr. Johnson

Tammy :O)

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Clara J (Patient) 07-24-2008
Dr. Johnson is the best OBGYN. I looove him. He may stay booked but he tries his best to get you in and out in a timely fashion. I recommend anyone to go to him especially if you are pregnant. He is the best!!!

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Cammy G (Patient) 09-07-2007
I have been seeing Dr Johnson for a couple of years now and he is by far the best obgyn I've ever had. He has a very down to earth personality that makes you feel very comfortable. I had a in 2006 I had a high risk pregnancy I was hospitalized at 18 weeks Dr. Johnson made sure I had nothing but the best care. I was hospitalized for 9 days the first go round he he visited 8 out of the 9 and on the day he made a phone call. I delivery a premature baby at 22 and a half weeks my angle only lived for a hour and half. Dr Johnson walked with me through my stages of grief. He'll probably never realize the impact that he's had on my life. I am forever grateful that i found him. I highly recommend him to every woman.

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Roena Whitt (Patient) 02-05-2007
Dr. Johnson worked vigilantly with me to find a solution to the problems I was having. I was having extra heavy periods that slowed down but did not stop. He is not a doctor to just put you off and not take your concerns seriously. I can honestly say that he does all that he can to help his patients. He is a very friendly doctor and makes your visits easy.

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Office 637 Dunn Rd Ste 135 Hazelwood 63042
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(314) 6476766
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(314) 6472026

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Case Western Reserve Univ Sch Of Med, Cleveland Oh 44106
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(39 years of experience)

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