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Karen Sue ADDIS MD
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Karen Sue ADDIS MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Arizona Tucson

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(City : Tucson)
(ZIP : 85712)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Seeif (Patient) 06-30-2018
She performed a robotic laparoscopic hysterectomy for multiple fibroids. I was initially reluctant to get hysterectomy and so she was willing to monitor my fibroids over a 9 month period. I felt she respected my concerns while being straightforward about her medical recommendation. Also, even though Im 67, I told her I wanted to keep my ovaries because hormonal testing showed I was still producing testosterone. She was willing - and did - to preserve my ovaries if everything looked good at surgery time. She callled
me with pathology report soon after surgery. And she has been available to me when I needed to discuss critical issues.
Shes just a great doctor, skillful with an ability to listen to her patients.

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Christy T (Patient) 04-24-2008
She's the cream of the crop I've had 6 OB/GYN's and she's the best I've come across.

She did my tublal ligation and on monday 4/21/08 she did my TVH.

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J. Huff (Patient) 11-15-2007
I recommend Dr. Addis because she is a competent and caring physician. She is my regular OB/GYN and performed my hysterectomy. She patiently answered all of my questions regarding the surgery and was extremely caring during my recovery. I never felt like a "number." I healed quickly without complication. Her staff reflects her high standards for quality health care. I have tremendous confidence in her abilities and highly recommend her.

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kyd (Patient) 05-20-2007
Not only is Dr Addis my doctor but I work with her at a local Hosp. in the operating room. she is very caring not only to her patients but to the staff as well. I wish i would have met her when i was looking for someone to deliver my children.

I can say many great things about her. I know she is well loved by her patients and her office staff and many of my co workers have great things to say about her as well. I highly recommend Dr Addis!

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Tambrey (Patient) 03-09-2007
Dr. Addis was my OBGYN in Tucson back in the mid 80s. When I began having complications during my pregnancy, she did everything that was available at that time to try to save my son. Kody did not make it...he was stillborn at 28 weeks gestation, but I know she did her best to save him...and because of his autopsy, she and other doctors and researchers were able to determine his cause of death...an autoimmune disorder on my part...anticardiolipin antibodies (without lupus)...because of this new knowledge, two years later I was able to deliver a healthy baby boy...

I contribute alot of the success of his delivery to the previous knowledge we learned from Kody's death, as well as my new doctor (we moved in between) being willing to research my condition and do whatever it took to get my son here...

oh and when Kody was discovered to have died in-utero....Dr. Addis was playing golf when she received the message, but she came right to the hospital and laid in the bed beside me...holding me...
We kept in touch during my pregnancy 2 years later and she rejoiced with me in the birth of my son...she even sent him a little outfit!

she is a very caring and compassionate person and I would highly recommend her to anyone...

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martha (Patient) 02-05-2007
I've been a patient of Dr. Addis for the past 5 years. I've had a complete hysterectomy and had one ovary removed. I have found Dr. Addis to be comforting, knowledgeable and takes her time with her patients to listen to concerns and answer questions. I have always received excellent service from her staff and Dr. Addis. I highly recommend her.

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Office 5550 E Hampton St Tucson 85712
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(520) 7218605
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(520) 7214209

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Univ Of Az Coll Of Med, Tucson Az 85724
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