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MAG (Patient) 06-18-2014
I live in the south but found Dr. Trabucco through a group I belong to for IC and there were a lot of positive comments about him. I have suffered from IC for many years and have gone to dozens of doctors and none of them could give me any results for my condition. But I had read so many wonderful things about Dr. Trabucco I decided to give him a try, I flew there and his staff was great, they scheduled all my tests together and Dr. Trabucco is the absolute best doctor I have ever met in my life! He saved my life and gave me a reason to live again. I had no quality of life before and had thought many times about ending my life. After going to Dr. Trabucco I actually have a very good quality of life, he has gotten my IC under control, I get out again where before I would never leave the house, I lead a normal active life now! I went to him in Fort Mohave, Arizona a year ago and have been doing great ever since!!!! I highly recommend him!

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John (Patient) 05-15-2014
Dr. Trabucco is the most knowledgeable and professional doctor I have ever met. He cured my incontinence and I had gone to 6 other urologists that couldn't help me. I would recommend him to everyone!

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Joey (Patient) 12-16-2013
This doctor came to our community approximately three years ago I had one of his first patients with some reservations. However once I got to see him as a patient found that he was very caring very thorough and an excellent surgeon. Prior to seeing this doctor I seen other urologist within the community which I wouldn't send my dog too. Then went to Vegas and sore several neurologists they gave me approximately 3.2 minutes to visit. Later I went and made an appointment with Dr. Trabuco and found him to be not only careful, Thorough and Carrie I also found him to be extremely confident making the appropriate diagnosis actually cured my condition which was prostate cancer. The other urologist that I went to love diagnosed me with prostatitis. Which was actually the wrong diagnosis once he did the biopsy of my prostate even with a normal PSA found that I had a very high-grade cancer. Was very thorough describing all of the risks and complications and even suggested for me to go to UCLA if I felt more comfortable. I elected to have Dr. Trabuco operate on me which was the best decision my life. I am now free of cancer after three years and I have no incontinence and no problems with sexual relations. Thank God I was able to get operated and see him before he had to close down his practice from illness. I recommend this doctor where ever he ends up very highly without any reservations. I wish in the best of luck. Godspeed to him.

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Judy (Patient) 12-13-2013
Dr. Trabucco was the only doctor that could help me with my IC, he is a gift from God and the most professional and most knowledgable doctor you will ever find!

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RW (Patient) 08-26-2013
This Dr.'s one-of-a-kind and I just wish they make more like him. Not only is a brilliant in his clinical skills, but he is compassionate, experienced and has a fantastic bedside manner and meticulously explains everything in detail. He helped cure my problem that could be solved by 7 other doctors and he treated all my friend and family. He is the most exceptionally well-rounded Dr. I've ever encountered in my life. He is indeed the best doctor this community has ever experienced. Godspeed

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john (Patient) 07-04-2013
I saw the other urologist in town and felt that he was a quack and couldent understand a word he said. I then saw 2 other urologists in Las Vegas and no one was able to figure out my problem.
I saw Dr Trabucco and he was very diligent and asked all the questions that came down to a logical direction. I proceeded with caution but was astounded as to his diagnostic skills. When he diagnosed me with cancer I sought 2 other opinions and went back to him for my surgery and have been with him for 2 years now. He was able to cure me of my Prostate cancer and put me on other dietary approaches which also cured my high blood pressure. This doctor is a very gifted man and takes grate care of his patients with pride. Don't have any hesitations. The man is the Best doctor I have encountered and Ive been to some of the best. I have no reservations in saying that Dr Trabucco is a Fantastic Urologist and Doctor

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Mary (Patient) 06-16-2013
Dr. Trabucco is the most compassionate caring and capable doctor I have ever met in my life. I have seen many doctors from my Urology problem and he has been the only one that has been able to address all of my concerns. I had three operations by three different doctors one of them in town and all of them had failed I have been living in diapers for the last 10 years until I saw Dr. Trabucco. It's now over two years since I've had my surgery and the man is a blessing from God. I'm able to do things that I have never been able to do in the last 10 years. His staff is fantastic and his bedside manner is outstanding. I used to go to Las Vegas for my Urology needs and would never return to Las Vegas, Because there is no need to with Dr. TRABUCCO here. This doctors one-of-a-kind and I highly recommend him to anyone.

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Randy (Patient) 11-26-2012
Dr. Trabucco is by far the best doctor and most qualified Urologist I have ever met. I have been to 10 different urologists in California and Nevada and none of them could cure my problem. I live in Las Vegas and there are a lot of good doctors and I even went to the ones that were supposedly the best in Beverly Hills but to no avail. A friend of mine in Las Vegas recommended Dr. Trabucco and said he was amazing that he cured his problem. It took me 3 months to get into see him but well worth the wait. I am completely cured now and have never felt better! I would go to him even if he moves to the East Coast. I've heard he has patients that fly in from all over the world and I see why.

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debora l (Patient) 04-02-2012
Dr Trabucco The best Doctor I have had in my life, he also saved my life!!! I was reffered to him by my reg physician, who had found blood in my yearin, after yrs of always being sick, and doctor to doctor, and misdiagnosed, landing in hospitals, Dr Trabucco, found out what the problem was, I had a bad hammock mesh from my hysterectomy planted in me, 10yrs later I was very sick, my coloring was turning gray, eyes black and blue, I was very scared for my life,One visit with him, he knew, I had a mesh that was tearing my insides up, it broke in me an patruded throughout my insides,my insides were falling out of me, and along with the mesh that was attached to all my organs was with it,He perfomed 4 different constructed surgeries on me, and Im on recovery now, I give this Doctor the best recomendation for anyone hes the greatest, if anybody has a mesh problem he will fix you to health again, and also found out through all this surgery, He also invented this new sling mesh, called the Trabucco Mesh, and he had put this mesh in me, that after my own scar tissue grows around it, the mesh will desolve, and my own bio tissue will work just like the mesh, no toxic any more!!!!! Dr Trabucco has the gift from God to heal you with his hands, and Intellegence from God to do such incredible work, on a stranger hes never met before, I feel after all the research I did on my issue, that the outcomming of this was not a good one, I prayed for the lord to send me a good doctor, and he answered my prayers, not only was he a good doctor, he was a miracle worker. So I want to thank Dr Trabucco for healing me words are just not enough for what he did......... GREATEST DOCTOR IN THE WORLD, HE SHOULD GET AN AWARD FOR HIS WORK

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Patricia (Patient) 09-19-2011
This wonderful doctor has blessed our community with his healing hands. After 10 years of suffering I am now back to myself and feel fabulous. He has changed my life and other friends of mine. God blessed us with his presence. He is a great doctor and compassionate.

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GERALD F M (Patient) 12-30-2009

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carol (Patient) 09-08-2009
Great doctor!
One of a kind!

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linda (Patient) 08-20-2009
Fabulous doctor!
I highly recomend him to anyone.

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PM (Patient) 08-19-2009
Dr. Trabucco spent a considerable amount of time explaining about my prostate condition. I learned that I have a condition called BPH and I thought that I would get cancer from this. Dr. Trabucco really was kind in speaking to me and put my fears to rest. Never met anyone like him who takes all that time talking to patients.

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linda (Patient) 08-12-2009
this doctor eas able to cure my problem after some urologists in the local community had mistreated me and given up on my case.
He is a godsend to our community!

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fred (Patient) 06-07-2009
this doctor was in our community and helped me and many of my friends. he was the only urologist that was able to help me. so much so that I flew out to Nevada where he now pracices and in one visit was able to get me back to normal. I highly recomend this dedicated doctor to anyone.

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Ted (Patient) 09-13-2008
I flew in to see Dr.Trabucco from Arizona after seeing over 12 Urologists,no one had the ability to cure my problem untill I saw him. In 4 visits he was able to cure my problem. I am forever thankful. God bless this man!
I highly recomend this doctor!

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tammy sheldon (Patient) 07-02-2008
This is the only urologist that has been able to diagnose and treat my problem after seeing over 15 urology doctors in the country. he saved my life!

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