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indianachick (Patient) 12-16-2010
I was diagnosed with breast cancer twice. DCIS in 2006 (lumpectomy, 33 rads) and again in 2008 with IDC in the opposite breast. I had a bilateral mastectomy. A year later I started to research my options in regard to reconstruction. Having had previous radiation, I knew this would be difficult because an implant on the radiated side wouldn't work. I had a consult in my area and was told my only option would be a latissimus flap on that side and an implant on the other non-radiated side. Initially I was going to sign up for that, then something made me take a deep breath and research... I started reading about Dr. Dellacroce and the more I read, the more confident I became that he could help me. In February 2010, I went to New Orleans and had a simultaneous bilateral SGAP. I am amazed everyday when I look at my before pictures and when I look in the mirror. Dr. Dellacroce is gifted, that's all I can say. What's more, he is the most compassionate and down to earth doctor I have ever met. He is clearly doing what he was meant to do and I will be forever grateful I found him. If you are researching breast reconstruction, please start with breastcenter.com ... the absolute best surgeons in breast restoration are in New Orleans and many before me have traveled to see them..... so so grateful I did.

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Sandra I (Patient) 05-19-2010
I have just returned from NOLA (May 10, 2010), I went there for a revision surgery after a Pedical Tram.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 11/08. I live in Ohio and went through University Hospitals. I had a left masectomy followed by a DIEP. Unfortunately, the DIEP did not work for me. A couple hours into surgery my surgeon called my husband and said he couldn't do the DIEP - it was impossible and asked what I would want: A pedical tram or an implant. My husband chose the Ped. Tram. Unfortunately, I was not knowledgeable enough at the time going into the surgery of all my options. I could have taken the implant and still gone down to NOLA and had the DIEP operation I had hoped for. That's the choice I should had at the time.

Through the breastcancer.org discusssion boards I learned of Dr. Frank DellaCroce and the Breast Center in New Orleans. I knew a little bit of the center before my operation. I wish I would have started out with them. My instinct told me I should have but felt a little rushed having cancer and to go forward with my surgeon.

I went to Dr. DellaCroce for my revision surgery. I am so happy with the experience. The kindness, understanding and professionalism of the staff surpasses what I experienced with my plastic surgeon & his office.

I am pleased with my results, I couldn't be happier. The Breast Center is amazing. If you're considering the Breast Center and are unsure, I recommend a consultation with Dr. DellaCroce. You will not be disappointed.

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Sandy (Patient) 09-07-2009
I was diagnosed with stage I breast cancer in 2007 and although I'd heard of Dr. DellaCroce, I decided that I should stay near home (Los Angeles). I interviewed two DIEP surgeons and with the hearty recommendation of one of them by my breast surgeon, I made my choice. I nearly lost the left flap one week post-op, and then had a complication he wasn't comfortable addressing. I found it necessary to leave his care and find another surgeon. There were so many rave reviews about Dr. DellaCroce on breast cancer bulletin boards that I knew where I needed to go. I've had five surgeries with Dr. D as he has patiently and miraculously taken a poorly done stage I DIEP and transformed it. My mistake in not going to the best first has been very costly in travel expenses, time and effort, but I am so happy that I ended up in New Orleans with Dr. DellaCroce. My result is not quite as good as it could have been had I started with him, but still fabulous and my doctors at home are in awe of what Dr. D has done for me. You know a surgeon is excellent when he not only has his own great outcomes, but is also able to repair poor results obtained elsewhere. My well-known busy oncologist sees a lot of reconstructed breasts. He is thrilled for me and has said, "this is A+ breast reconstruction" and "it doesn't get any better than this". The staff at the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery is a group of the kindest, most thoughtful people you'll ever meet and they will take care of everything for you, making your time with them stress-free and healing. The Center's web site is at breastcenter.com and you can view photos of many women who've been blessed to have been restored by Dr. DellaCroce. Dr. Sullivan gets rave reviews too, but I have not had any personal experience with him.

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BCSurvivor (Patient) 11-15-2008
I am a 4 year breast cancer survivor. Bilateral mastectomy with delayed construction.

Dr. Dellacroce and Dr. Sullivan at the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery are the most kind and compassionate doctors I have ever met. They have limited themselves to only breast reconstruction and they are wonderful at it. Most any woman facing the thought of a mastectomy is heartbroken over their loss of their breasts. These two wonderful doctors give back to us what was taken away.

Bedside manner, compassion, thoughtfulness. They are a true blessing to any woman who has had to go through the nightmare of a mastectomy.

I highly recommend them.

PS. I traveled from Tampa, Florida for my reconstruction. Don't let your distance from their practice dissuade your decision to travel away from home for your surgery. They help you find accommodations and provide travel to and from office visits and hospital stay.

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