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George Atiya SALEH DO
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George Atiya SALEH DO
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Missouri Kansas City

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(City : Kansas City)
(ZIP : 64118)
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Cheri D (Patient) 03-25-2010
What can I say...Dr. Saleh is FANTASTIC! I have been going to him for 25 years and can't imagine going anywhere else. He did my hysterectomy several years ago. He is the most caring & personable doctor I have ever met. He never fails to ask about what has been going on in your life since the last time he saw you. He truly remembers you as a person...not just a patient. He keeps up on what is new in the medical field and always makes helpful suggestions about what you should and should not be doing/taking. If it were possible, I would go to him for everything! Going to Dr. Saleh is like seeing an old friend who really cares about you. He makes a usually unpleasant exam bearable by being so gentle and caring. I could go on and on, but the fact is, you can't go wrong by booking an appointment with Dr. Saleh!

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Susan F (Patient) 03-24-2010
Dr. Saleh is one of a kind! I can't imagine going to another physician. He makes you feel welcome when you come in for an exam and never fails to ask about your personal and professional life. You never feel like you are "just a patient" or "just a body." He gives you all the time (and encouragement) you need to ask the difficult questions, even when they are embarrassing, or you're afraid they will be perceived as trivial. I have been amazed at the number of times I asked about things that concerned me, body or behavioral changes that seemed to have no connection to a GYN visit, and he honed right in on the possibility that they were due to changing hormonal levels and had a solution for me. It put my mind at ease to know it was something many women experience and I wasn't "losing it" with age, as I had thought. I also appreciate that he keeps up on the latest drugs and is very familiar with benefits and drawbacks and looks for exactly the right medication knowing your individual needs and medical history. Dr. Saleh is exceptional - as a person and as a physician. I highly recommend him!

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Dawn M (Patient) 07-29-2008
Dr. Saleh is beyond WONDERFUL! He has treated me for several years now and always is looking out for my best interest. He has performed multiple surgeries and I would not even consider seeing any other doctor. In fact, my sister and her daughters as well as my daughter also are patients. My daughter started seeing him at 14 and was horrified at the thought of a having to see a doctor for "girlie" problems. She is so comfortable and secure with Dr. Saleh. We all love him to death. He is the most gentle and caring physician I have ever come in contact with. He listens to your concerns and is very thorough. It sometimes takes a while to get in for a routine exam, but well worth the wait. His staff, who are long time members, are also very caring. Super team!

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Amy lou (Patient) 02-06-2007
Sorry ladies, he doesn't do babies anymore! But he is so wonderful with everything else. He really listens! I went to him with really bad pms and thinking I was just a horrible person for how I was acting once a month. Turns out I had huge ando and endo along with a big non cancerous tumor that had totally destoyed my appendix. He wound up doing a total hyst, but only after doing lots of test and sending me to get a second opion. Now we are working on getting my hormones correct. He is so patient and loving. And don't even get me started on his staff!! I love them!!! He's only in the office a couple of days a week now, and you may have to wait to get an appointment, but he is so worth it!!!

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Office 200 NE 54th St Unit 111 Kansas City 64118
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(816) 4557400
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(816) 4557404

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Univ Of Hlth Sci, Coll Of Osteo Med, Kansas City Mo 64124
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(41 years of experience)

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