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Kristy (Patient) 05-22-2009
I had to have the tip (about 3/4 inch) of my long finger amputated due to osteomyelitis. Dr. Whitney was very thorough in his explanation of the procedure and my options, as well as respectful of my decision regarding choice of option. During surgery I was allowed to be woken up and updated regarding the process and see the results before bandaging. His follow-up was gentle and compassionate.

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Therea Hellmann (Patient) 02-06-2007
I almost forgot about Dr. Timothey Whitney, I had a Bilateral Celft / lip Palate that he did unbelievable work on, he's isssssssss so amazing. My whole mouth was in an uproar and Dr. Whitney made me feel so good about me again!!!!!!Now i ask you, how can you beat that with a surgeon?????

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Therea Hellmann (Friend) 02-06-2007
ok, I was a patient of Dr. Timothy Whitney in Boston, Mass. for 10 yrs. I met him when he first started at Lahey Clinic, in Burlington, Mass. He and my family developed quiet a nice repore with each other. My son was just 1yrs old when i met him and I have to say Dr. Whitney basically took on my cause cause nobody else could. He saved me. My face was rapidly detorirating and Dr. Whitney did soooooooooo many surgeries to help me it was amazing. He and I developed a health patient/doctor friendship where we could be honest with each other and that helped alot. His operative and bedside manner also were amazing. He took the time out and really got to know the real me, no othe doctor has done that in my life, not even my parents. He moved to Seattle cause I do bellieve that Lahey Clinic was drawing as much blood from him as possible and he has a family and chid to look out for, so good for him. I won't lie I do miss him tonnnnns , i hope and pray he is hsppy and successful, never had a doubt. He has a private practice now from his last email to me, kudos for him, he got out of the rat race. He is also a caring, loving, understanding, eager to listen, artist, brillant surgergon, I would recommend him to anyone..Go Tim Go!!!!!

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