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North Carolina

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Thomas D M (Patient) 11-21-2008
Dr Beth Ann Jayne has been my doctor for over seven years and has taken great care of me. I race sailboats professionally and she has kept me together. I would highly recommend her to anybody. Her dedication goes way far the call of duty to her patiences.

You will truly be happy having her as your doctor. She is always smiling and very happy and gives you full details of your diagnosis. Her sincere dedication to the medical field is incredible. I think more doctors need to lead by her example.

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melinda monegan (Patient) 02-07-2007
Dr. Jayne is very compassionate. She did treat me before my complete hysterectomy but she has been treating me since it for depression and hormone replacement. She makes sure that she answers any and all questions that you have. She listens to your concerns and takes your suggestions into consideration. She does not care if she has other patients waiting until she has answered all your questions. She has gone out of her to try to get medications approved by my insurance. She is also a pediatrician and has seen both of my children. She is very caring, friendly, trustworthy, and diligent. She goes above and beyond what I have experienced from other doctors that I have seen.

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