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Obstetrics & Gynecology - Ohio Springfield

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(City : Springfield)
(ZIP : 45505)
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Rodney E BATIE DO's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Amber (Patient) 12-07-2009
I have been a patient of Dr. Baties for 13 years. He delivered my boys, my sisters kids and my cousins kids for a total of eight. There is no one else that makes me more comfortable that Dr. Batie. I can talk to him with out criticism. He is a very busy man but never once makes you feel like a number. There is no problem too small or big for Dr. Batie. All of his patients concerns are equally important to him.

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Kristie G (Patient) 01-12-2009
I have been a patient of Dr. Batie's for 16 years. He has delivered all three of my children. I will say that of all my doctors (family practice, etc.) he is by far my favorite doctor to visit, and that's really saying something about going to see the gynecologist! He has such a wonderfully calm, kind demeanor. He instantly puts you at ease upon meeting him. He is very good during your exams about explaining what he is doing, so you always feel comfortable. I think my most memorable moment with him was when he heard my first child's heartbeat for the first time, he actually teared up and said "it's always such a miracle". That's just the kind of man he is. I would highly recommend Dr. Batie to anyone. He's been such a blessing to my family, and I'm sure he would be to yours.

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Tashia (Patient) 02-08-2007
Dr.Batie addressed a problem that had been gradually getting worse over 10 years. The cramping back pain and heavy bleeding was not getting better, even with meds. Dr. Batie addressed my conserns and found I did not have one huge problem I hav three small problems that were getting out of hand. When time came and I said I wanted a hysterectomy he wanted to leave my overies in and I objected. I have an extensive family history of cancer.(last one to get it was 31, I am 30) It has been porven to be genetic and I did not want my overies. Dr. Batie too every thing. I felt in control of my own medical care. I have never felt that way form an OB/GYN befor.

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Office 1835 E High St Springfield 45505
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Fax # :
(937) 3225252

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Western U Hlt Sci Col Osteo Med Of The Pacific, Pomona Ca 91766
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(32 years of experience)

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