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Robert ECHENBERG MD's Books & Publications :
Soon to be released in May 2009

Secret Suffering: Women's Sexual and Pelvic Pain and Its Effects on Relationships.

Look for it!!!!

Robert ECHENBERG MD's Special Expertises :
Chronic pelvic pain syndrome, interstitial cystitis, pudendal neuralgia, myofascial dysfunction

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RC (Patient) 02-23-2012
I have been one of Dr. E's patients from the inception of his pelvic pain program. Like most of his patients i did the Dr. shuffle through a vast pool of Dr.'s all with their hands up, no idea. This Dr. & his team have set the bar so very high for patient care that no other office stands a chance once you are his patient. He and his staff know who you are, what exactly is afflicting you and are always prepared to help. You will never be ignored or treated like you dont matter. I am quite positive he invented the word compassion. this Dr. ruins it for other Dr.'s he cares, he takes the time and does all in his ability to help you until you understand and are fully equipped with knowledge of yourself & what is happening in your body. You will get everything you need to be whole again and receive top care by the amazing staff that has been esembled.

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Anne Marie (Patient) 11-05-2011
Since my hysterectomy in June 2008, I have been searching literally all over the United States for someone to help me with the resulting disabling pain from multiple damaged nerves in the pelvis. I finally found Dr. Echenberg and he is the very first doctor who took the time to look at the entire picture of what was going on with me and actually listened. I no longer suffer from the fear and panic that there is no one to help me and I now have a partner in this journey to get me back to a productive life. Other than my primary doctor, I have NEVER met such a caring health professional with such extensive knowledge and willing to communicate personally. I thank God every day for him! I would highly recommend him for any problematic female issues.

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D (Patient) 05-22-2008
Dr. Echenberg is doctor number 6 in my attempt to find a reason for my pelvic pain. my previous doctors simply told me my tests were normal & they were done helping me, but I was sick with a pain that wouldn't go away. I felt like a ball in a pin ball machine bouncing from one doctor to another. These doctors may communicate but I wasn't in their loop.

I found Dr. Echenberg on-line when I searched for pelvic pain and e-mailed him. I got a responce & they suggested an appointment. Which I set up.

Dr.Echenberg office sends out questionairs to fill out so you're ready for you first appointment. Dr. Echenberg spent 2 hours with me. Going over my history, what might have triggered the pain and then, shows what all is in the female pelvis & explains that the tests that previous doctors have ordered just look at the body parts. but there is so much more in the pelvis, muscles, nerves, that aren't tested. I got an exam in the area of my problem & He discovered that My pelvic floor muscles are very tight and the nerves going through that area are beginning to spasm and cause pain, So were starting with medicine & physical therapy to relax these muscles and take the pressure off the nerve.

Long term chronic pain without answers made me on edge with my family, made me withdraw from my friends, become less active, discouraged and made me wonder if it was all in my head & I even considered a psychiatrist. After talking with Dr. Echenberg & his staff, you'll know right away this is his specialty, He has empathy and talks with you not at you and at the end of the appointment, it's like I've been given hope back, the weight on my shoulders has been lifted. It was great to hear finally from someone, " I believe you".

His 2 hour appointment, was a blessing too, you don't get that much time with any doctor so when I left another doctors office, and was told there's nothing wrong. I got discouraged & my mind would just imagine a bunch of junk, and create fear, but after 2 hours with him a lot of fears just disappear.

When You leave Dr. echenbergs office, you'll have a lot more understanding on what's happening in your body and you'll know that there is a game plan to help correct the problem.

It was so worth the 1 1/2 hour drive to his office. I appreciate him so much.

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Christine (Patient) 12-26-2007
Dr Echenberg is the most wonderul dr I have ever met. He is a pelvic pain specialist and took almost 3 hours with me for my first appoinment. He is a firm believer in treating the patient as a whole. He is wonderful for the treatment of all health problems that cause pelvic pain. He is treating my interstitial cystitis as well as endometriosis, vulvuar vestbulitis and pudendal nerve issues. If you have pelvic pain and are within driving distance of Dr. E I highly recommend him. I drive over 3 hours round trip to see him and it is worth every minute.

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Carolyn Schwartz (Patient) 02-08-2007
Dr. Echenberg specializes in female pelvic pain, and deals with many interstitial cystis patients. It's not that easy to find a specialist in this condition, and especially not one as dedicated as Dr. Echenberg.

He diagnosed me (after a nine year search for a cause for my ongoing pelvic pain) and has treated me with bladder instillations, medications, and recommending PT and counseling. He is always willing to try something new if one idea isn't working.

Dr. Echenberg gives TWO HOURS to each new patient in order to really understand where the patient is coming from, and still have time to explain what he plans to do next and why. He treats each patient like an equal and is never condescending. He is kind, gentle, and deeply caring.

Everyone in his office staff is polite, friendly, and helpful. If you are a female with ongoing pelvic pain, you can't do better than to see Dr. Echenberg. I drive 70 miles each way for him, and it is completely worth it.

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