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Thomas Joachim LANEY MD
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Thomas Joachim LANEY MD
Plastic Surgery - Washington Seattle

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(City : Seattle)
(ZIP : 98122)
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Facial Plastic Surgery

Suggestions & Reviews for Thomas Joachim LANEY MD
T M (Patient) 05-19-2015
when I developed a dry socket the doctor was very concerned and provided treatment for healing. The office staff is very caring and professional.

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B B (Patient) 05-07-2015
The staff was all very helpful and friendly. They made me feel comfortable before surgery and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend them to others.

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Allen (Patient) 04-13-2015
Your work and staff were great.

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G R (Patient) 03-14-2015
Good experience.

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L T (Patient) 03-02-2015
Very good, excellent.

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Wendy K (Patient) 03-01-2015
Dr. Laney and his staff exceeded my expectations regarding their professionalism, expertise, and compassion throughout my experience. The staff kept me informed throughout the process and followed up regularly concerned about my well being. Thank you.

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Stephen T (Patient) 02-26-2015
It was good.

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F.P. (Patient) 02-01-2014
Very professional and friendly. Excellent 'bedside manner'. -FP

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Rick M (Patient) 01-25-2014
top notch care!

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Sarah N (Patient) 01-24-2014
Great staff, very professional and friendly. Dr Laney did a wonderful job preserving bone and tissue around implant, I am very pleased!

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A.M. (Patient) 01-17-2014
Dr. Laney and the staff were always helpful and understood my needs. --AM

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Judy R (Patient) 12-17-2013
I was very pleased and felt very comfortable with everyone at your office. Thank you for having such a great staff!

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D.A.A. (Patient) 11-27-2013
Very good, patient and knowledgable. Very nice people will come back .

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Chris A (Patient) 11-22-2013
I had a very good experience with Dr Laney's office. The procedure was very smooth, from the pre-surgery step by step guide to the post operation check ups.

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M.A. (Patient) 09-20-2013
All the staff were patient, kind and understanding with my mother.

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Rainy T (Patient) 09-19-2013
I was very pleased with Dr. Laney and all his staff. They are very kind and caring people and helped me when needed no questions asked! I greatly appreciated it.

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Tony F (Patient) 09-12-2013
Treated very well by staff and DR. So far very pleased with dental implants.

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Maximian j G (Patient) 07-19-2013
Very kind, professional and informative.

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Naudysmar (Patient) 05-31-2013
My experience with Dr. Thomas Laney was wonderful. I thought that he did an amazing job on my dental implant. I thought that the process was going to be very difficult but he did a good job explaining everything. The service was beyond what I expected. His staff was also very nice.

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K.L.T. (Patient) 04-18-2013
doctor and staff very personable. Seemed very well informed.

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M.P.W. (Patient) 04-17-2013
its great that everything goes this smooth every time i come in. you dont come to the dentist for good things they are usually bad, bad tooth or surgery. have had two implants put in no problems I would recommend dr laney to anyone. mpw

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S.A.R. (Patient) 03-29-2013
Excellent. Dr Laney is exceptional in terms of skill and manner. All was carefully and thoroughly explained and carried out with compassion.

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Rory R. (Patient) 02-08-2013
good service from dr laney, prompt and followed up after small problem - no charge.

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S.J.K. (Patient) 01-25-2013
excellent! couldn't have had better care!

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Jesse W B (Patient) 01-16-2013
Very friendly and knowledgable staff and amazingly and knowledgable friendly doc. Jesse W Blades

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Hannah S (Patient) 01-13-2013
Dr. Laney and his staff are very helpful and polite. It's nice because they aren't pushy with any suggestions, just helpful.

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