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Mark H (Patient) 03-20-2009
I've been seeing Doctor Dave now for over 10 years. From my very first visit I was impressed with his "bedside manner". He takes the people approach, down to earth, doesn't talk down to you. And believe it or not he actually listens. I had a rare ailment and was amazed at his knowledge and his instinct. He took all the time that I needed to identify and work with me thru my problem. Since that time I would never consider another Doctor. I have since moved 60 miles away and still go down to Woodbury to see him rather than transfer to someone else.

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Christine W (Patient) 12-01-2008
I would highly recommend Dr McAlpine. I have had chronic issues with my body. Dr. McAlpine has consistently shown his high quality of care by treating me and trying to come up with long term care plans. I have had many experiences of Dr's trying to pawn me off to others but Dr McAlpine has NEVER done this. I had moved to Florida for 4 years and when I returned he not only remembered me but also my case. Any one with a difficult medical history would benefit from this doctor. I have seen many doctors and am highly critical and I would not trade him for anyone!!!!!

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