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D Wyatt (Patient) 05-26-2007
I have the highest remarks for this incredibly gifted physician. Her bedside manner is impeccable (yes she does make personal calls before and after surgery!), as well as her true gift as a wonderfully talented OB/GYN surgeon. She definitely chose the right career role for herself. I have visited many female and male physicians in my 45 years, and she's the best of the best when it comes to choosing an OB/GYN! My initial visit (July 06) to inquire the questionable odds of substaining my reproductive years quickly turned to locating problematic fibroids and polyps that had been overlooked by other physicians the past few years. In fact, a previous physician claimed "let's watch this fibroid and see how it develops." It was obvious from Dr. DiPiazza there was no reason to wait and she throughly explained the severe complications that would be forthcoming if I waited longer. The fear of cancer developing because of the rapid growth rate of the polyps and fibroids was all the fear I needed. (My mother is a cancer survior 2x). My LAVH was performed Aug 1, 2006 and I healed incredibly fast. I was walking the next day and back to work in 3 wks. In addition, I had the unfortunate experience of incurring acute appendicitis in Feb 07. Stubborn me, ignored sign/symptoms for well over a month and then I finally phoned her office to inquire about my symptoms. Dr. DiPiazza was at my bedside prior to the surgery, assisted in surgery and of course, visited me after surgery. She was reassuring when my first thought was "oh no, I don't want a big scar!" She had completed such a small incision during my LAVH, she anticipated my anxiety and assured me the need for immediate surgery in order to avoid the hazards of complicated surgery by "treating the appendectomy now versus waiting for it to burst." Again, I can not explain how her incredible genuiness to understand what I, as a single woman was going through to not be able to experience childbirth, and how this physician was able to comfort me with her words of wisdom and future outlook. She also concurred that I did not need HRT if I chose not to. I tried it for 30 days and stopped. She's caring too! She commends me for being an avid exerciser and compliments my positive attitude for a quick recovery. Who would have thought that I would relocate from a large metropolitan city to a small college town to locate the ideal physician?!! I highly recommend Dr. DiPiazza and her professional staff at DCH Women's Center.

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Clytee D (Patient) 02-09-2007
For many years other doctors had overlooked what this doctor called a threat to my life- endometrial cancer. She was very caring and honest. She had my best interest at heart. She found the surgent she trusted the most. She called me at home to check on me after my surgery and she takes personal calls from me. She is as sweet as any person I have ever meet. I would surely suggest her to all who will accept and listen. She is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She help me to make the best out of a bad situation, she showed me the merry side of things. I can honestly say I love her and the work she does for others.

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