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Andrew G. MAYO MD
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Andrew G. MAYO MD
General Practice - Wisconsin

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Tobie J. M (Patient) 03-18-2009
Dr. Andrew G. Mayo is an extremely great and thorough Doctor. He is ‘our’ family doctor by choice; he sees my husband, my two daughters, and myself. He has helped us all with all aspects of healthcare from OBGYN, immunizations, well baby, routine care, and so on. There is not a face or a person that I would trust more for my whole family when it comes to health. I highly recommend Dr. Mayo to all people that are searching for a great doctor or looking for a second opinion without hesitation. Even when I am uncertain of where we should go for surgical needs or other questions and issues that have come up over the years I always make sure that my family starts with Dr. Andrew G. Mayo as he seems to have all the answers that best fit our families needs. He is very friendly, kind, gracious and speaks to everyone in a level and tone that is very welcoming and very assuring. It would be so nice if all areas of health care were filled with ‘Dr. Andrew G. Mayo’s’. - Tobie M

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St. Croix Regional Medical Center
St. Croix Regional Medical Center 208 S. Adams St. WI 54024
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Office 208 S. Adams St. WI 54024
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Hospital Phone # :
(715) 4833261
Office Phone # :
(715) 4833221

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University of Minnesota
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(24 years of experience)

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