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North Carolina

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Dr. Peter McIlveen completed his undergraduate studies at Duke University in 1984. He graduated Summa Cum Laude, and he was on the dean's list all four years. He double majored and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa
ACEC National Scholar of the year, 1983
Tau Beta Pi Award, Student Service Award, Duke University President's Senior Leadership Award
Dr. McIlveen received his MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1987 and completed his medical education at the University of Connecticut, graduating as a Fleeson Scholar and receiving honors in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Extensive research in Monoamniotic Twins & amniotic fluid glucose measurements which has been published in multiple Ob/Gyn national journals.
Dr. McIlveen is board certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology and he is a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology.
Dr. McIlveen has been married for 25 years and has 3 sons.

Peter MCILVEEN MD's Books & Publications :
Research published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Peter MCILVEEN MD's Special Expertises :
Special interests in routine & high risk pregnancies, infertility, uterine ablation, urinary incontinence & menopause management. ESSURE certified, ESSURE & novasure performed in the offi...

Suggestions & Reviews for Peter MCILVEEN MD
PM (Patient) 07-31-2019
Dr. McIlveen is a very thorough and caring physician. He has helped me tremendously with my hormone issues when no one else could. I highly recommend this practice.

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Kaitlyn (Patient) 04-04-2019
I can't imagine having any other doctor take care of me. Dr. McIlveen has been extremely attentive to my goals and struggles. He always takes the time to listen to me. Everyone in the office really cares about the patients.

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Valerie (Patient) 02-15-2019
I have been seeing Dr. McIlveen for more than a year, after getting frustrated with a different doctor in the area. He has the most amazing listening skills, always, and I mean always, answers all your questions. I am feeling great. Very friendly staff.

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Paula (Patient) 07-01-2018
I just completed my second Mona LIsa treatment. I have had great results. I have been intimate with my husband for the first time in many years, painfree and enjoyable. Dr. McIlveen is very kind and has a great bedsife manner. His staff and him are wonderful during the procedure very attentive to your needs and comfort. My one recommendation is that more people need to know about this procedure, it solves alot of issues for women. I wish I had done it years agao.

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Kelly (Patient) 12-03-2016
So grateful to Dr. McIlveen and his nurse Andrea for working me as a new patient while visiting the area and having a big problem. Dr. McIlveen is so kind and has the best bedside manner of any doctor. He took the time to get my issue resolved and was so thorough. Even though I don't live in the area I will be a patient for life.

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Tara H (Patient) 06-11-2016
I have been seing Dr. McIlveen for 10 years, he delivered both of my children. Dr. McIlveen is wonderful, he always listens to you and he truly cares about all his patients. I see him in his other practice too called North Carolina Weight & Wellness. I can't believe he has helped me lose 65 pounds so far in the last 4 months. I have never been able to lose weight. He has helped me become so much healthier overall. He is extremely smart and knows alot about integrative medicine. Dr. McIlveen PLEASE COME to Winston Salem, Elkin is so lucky to have you.

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Andrea D (Patient) 05-14-2016
Dr. McIlveen is a fantastic doctor When I went home after having my third child I was feeling overwhelmed. Dr. McIlveen called me at home a few days later just to see how I was doing. I don't know any other doctors that would do this. His calming voice and stories about his own 3 kids made me feel so much better. I couldn't of asked for better care throughout my pregnancy by Dr. McIlveen or his nurse Andrea. Joan was great too, always working me in when I needed to be seen. I would never go anywhere else.

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SO (Patient) 03-29-2016
I had the Mona Lisa Touch Procedure done. In the beginning I was skeptical about this procedure. Before the first session I was a "10" on the pain scale with intercourse. After the very first session the pain lessened and I would give the pain level a "2". I still have 2 more sessions to go, I'm so optimistic about this procedure, that I would highly recommend it to anyone that experiences pain with intercourse.

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Brandy (Patient) 03-04-2016
Dr. McIlveen just delivered my second baby he was so wonderful for both of my deliveries. Jennifer who does the ultrasounds is a sweety, she gave my family so many 4D ultrasound picutures. I love all the girls in this office would never go anywhere else

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Cynthia (Patient) 02-27-2016
I recommend Dr. McIlveen to everyone I know. He is the nicest doctor I have ever seen and always gives me the time I need. When I first moved to the area I saw one of the other doctors who literally ignored me. Andrea and the other girls are wonderful. Would never go anywhere else even if I move.

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Heather P. (Patient) 11-01-2015
Dr. McIlveen delivered both my children and now I try and see him for everything I possible can. He is the most caring and thorough doctor you will ever find. He really pays attention to his patients. Recently I mentioned a problem to him that my family doctor has been ignoring and he took the time to set up some appointments for me which ended up finally taking care of my problem. I love the staff too, Joan is fantastic and always does what she says she will do, also love Dr. McIlveen's nurse Andrea, such a sweetheart. I would never go anywhere else.

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CR (Patient) 05-16-2015
First time seeing Dr. McIlveen, he came so highly recommended by my friends. Wish I had seen him earlier, really listens to your concerns and is very willing to try other things before surgery. So thrilled to finally have a doctor who has so much knowlege about integrative approaches.

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A. Childress (Patient) 05-09-2015
Dr. McIlveen has delivered both of my children, he is so kind and attentive. Eventhough I now live more than an hour away I still continue to see him. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

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Cynthia G. (Patient) 04-10-2015
I have been a patient at Total Woman Care for more than 5 years. I love Dr. McIlveen and his staff. If you are looking for a doctor who REALLY CARES about his patients and takes the time to answer all your questions you will love this man. I will never forget when Dr. McIlveen called me on a Saturday with my test results because he knew I would worry all weekend. Love this man.

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Angela B (Patient) 09-22-2014
I have lost 25 pounds in Dr. McIlveen's program and I am now off of my blood pressure medication. He is wonderful, a great listener, and very kind. I love the entire staff.

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Mary (Patient) 07-19-2012
Every time I see Dr. McIlveen he is the kindest and most patient person. He always answers all my questions and never rushes you out of the office. He is the best. I wish all doctors could be like Dr. McIlveen

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Sarah (Patient) 08-03-2011
Dr. Mac is the sweetest and most caring doctor I have ever seen. I could not have made it through my pregnancy without him. Dr. McIlveen was there every step of the way and answered all my questions ALWAYS!! even when there was a long list of questions. he never rushed with me even when he was really busy. I wish there were more doctors like him.

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Janet C. (Patient) 06-02-2011
Dr. McIlveen and Andrea Underwood are both the most thorough and caring people I have ever seen. I could not get through my pregnancy without them. No one cares more. Kudos, you two are the best.

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Kimberly W (Patient) 05-25-2011
Dr. McIlveen has taken very good care of me. I have been his patient since 2006. He delivered two of my girls via c-section. And he also did my hysterectomy. He is really nice and always listens.

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Janice G (Patient) 02-22-2011
Dr. McIlveen and Andrea Underwood are a great team. They are both so caring and make sure all of your questions are answered at each visit. I was seeing a different doctor in town and I was very frustrated with his arrogance. A friend of mine suggested I go to Total Woman Care, and I am so happy I did. I feel better now then I have in years. We are so blessed to have these 2 special people practicing in our town. Thank you both for your care and unbelievable patience.

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Caitlin (Patient) 01-30-2010
Dr. McIlveen is a blessing to our community. He delivered my precious twins, and not by c-section. The care he gave to me throughout my entire pregnancy was incredible. His PA, Amy Franklin, is as thorough and sweet as him. He explains everything so well and he ALWAYS gives you plently of time to get ALL your questions answered. I had a 4D ultrasound done in the office and my images are amazing. Dr. McIlveen's new office is the most beautiful doctor's office I have been in. The staff is the best around. My grandmother was seeing a different doctor, but recently had surgery with Dr. McIlveen and she can't stop telling people about him. I highly recommend Dr. M and Amy!

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Elizabeth (Patient) 10-08-2009
I am so grateful that Dr. McIlveen practices in our community. I was scheduled to have surgery with a different doctor in our community a few years ago, but I really did not want to undergo an operation. Many of my friends recommended Dr. McIlveen and they all said he is the most honest and caring doctor they have ever met. When I met Dr. McIlveen I knew they were right. His great smile says it all, he loves what he does and he loves his patients. We tried different medications and I never had my surgery. Recently I underwent a simple procedure that Dr. McIlveen now does in his office and my problem is solved. I still can't believe it. Dr. M. you're the best. I love your staff because they care about the patients as much as you do. I couldn't believe you had someone assigned to do nothing but hold my hand and make me laugh during my procedure. I don't know any other doctor who would ever care this much. Kudos. You're the best.

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Hobies : Basketball, huge college basketball fan

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(21 years of experience)

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