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Parveen S. VAHORA MD
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Parveen S. VAHORA MD
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ROBERTA MARDIS (Patient) 05-20-2018
I went to Dr. Vahora for a 2nd opinion due to post menopausal bleeding. Dr. Vahora had reviewed my previous ob/gyn's notes and was familiar with my problems prior to my appointment. We reviewed my options, one of which was a hysterectomy. Dr. Vahora explained everything in detail to me and made sure all of my questions were answered before I left her office; she said she would rather answer face to face than over the phone, she is extremely personable!!. She was detail oriented regarding my family history and did genetic testing to see if I had cancer genes. She took her time with me, when I became emotional, she told me she was there to help me. She told me to take a deep breath and slow down. She made me feel as if I was her only patient that day. I never felt rushed.
I had one more appointment with her prior to my surgery, at that time my husband was with me and she answered any and all questions we had. She was also fast and efficient at filling out paperwork I needed for my employer.
My surgery took longer due to some unexpected scar tissue; Dr. Vahora made certain a nurse contacted my husband during surgery so he wouldn't worry. She followed up with him immediately after surgery to ease his mind.
I am 6 days post op and feel so much better already. I had my 3 day post op visit and once again Dr. Vahora answered all questions and was very sweet and personable.
Dr. Vahora is an outstanding doctor and woman, I am so happy I found her!
She has an excellent reputation with the staff at the hospital, they all said she is an excellent surgeon and they enjoy working with her. She is straight and to the point and I truly appreciate her no nonsense approach.
I honestly can not say enough about Dr. Vahora!!

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Keri C (Patient) 06-03-2009
She is a wonderful surgeon. My primary doctor had asked me who was doing my surgery, and when I told him it was Dr. Vahora, he said that if his own wife had to have this kind of surgery that is who he would send her to see! I don't think there is higher praise than that. She dealt with me being such a nervous patient-I even started crying as they were prepping me. I would highly suggest her to anyone that is having surgery. I think she takes great care of her patients, She is always very cheerful, friendly and eager to answer questions. I had a complete hysterectomy in December of 2008, and I couldn't be more pleased. She really listened to what I was going through when other doctors didn't.

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