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Belinda B (Patient) 07-03-2012
This doctor in Stillwater, OK is a male. He is a very gentle man who listens to everything I tell him before giving a diagnosis or suggestion. That in itself is an incredibly good trait. He also works with me as an intelligent, motivated patient, and incorporates my needs, questions, and concerns into each visit. He also remembers me! Generally, I see him only once a year--how does he remember me? Each time I visit him for my annual, I remind him I need lots of lube; he has never hurt me so it is easy to relax. He is never rough, and never seems to be in a hurry. Finally, my hysterectomy went off without any complications, and I felt great within weeks. My friend and my husband waiting during my surgery were given updates, and he spoke with them afterward in a very comforting manner. My only suggestion to him is that he take pictures (to give to the patient) of parts investigated or removed during surgery. My gynecologist in New York did this and I find it fascinating and inspiring to see pictures of what things are like inside my body.

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Heather C (Patient) 06-16-2009
He has delivered my 9th baby (she was 10 1/2 lbs) - excellent bedside manner, even allowed my husband to catch the baby when she crowned.

Dr. Henry was also my surgeon for a laproscopic hysterectomy, anterior and posterior repairs when my pelivic organs started to prolapse post partum. He's an excellent surgeon and made the appropriate repairs. I feel great!

I'd recommend him to anyone searching for a OB/GYN!

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