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Francisco XYNOS MD
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Francisco XYNOS MD
Oncology (Cancer) - Missouri

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9876 (Patient) 04-27-2011
This is an addition to my previous recommendation of this AWESOME doctor based on more experience and contact with this AWESOME doctor.

Dr. Xynos' awesome surgical skills and common-sense healing recommendations got me back to unrestricted fulltime law enforcement duties 30 days post-DaVinci total hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy (BSO), lymphadenectomy, and staging.

Dr. Xynos' extensive experience, knowledge, thoroughness, and attention to detail about each and every individual patient of his saved me from having an incorrect diagnosis and unnecessary chemo. Even if another doctor has looked at a scan or test and interpreted it, Dr. Xynos looks again and makes sure there are no errors or omissions. In my case, Dr. Xynos found an error on a scan report that saved me from a higher stage cancer diagnosis and unnecessary chemo.

Dr. Xynos is also a professor and Director at a prestigious medical school, so he has continuous cutting-edge research supervision, immersion, teaching, and application. This, plus his extensive experience, knowledge, and common sense saved me from having unnecesary brachytherapy.

Dr. Xynos is as compassionate and caring to every one of his patients as their own grandfathers would be. When I became very firghtened immediately before surgery, Dr. Xynos held me, hugged me, and comforted me while the anesthesiologist got the IV started and put me to sleep. Dr. Xynos made sure I understood my diagnosis and treatment, and enthusiastically answered my questions.

In short, if you have gynecological cancer, this is the gynecological oncologist you want to do your surgery and supervise your follow-up treatment.

This extraordinarily gifted, compassionate, caring, and trustworthy man saved my life and preserved my quality of life.

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9876 (Patient) 11-18-2010
Awesome bedside manner and knowledge. Obvious he is very experienced and extrenely good at what he does, and he likes doing it.

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Sherry (Patient) 08-03-2009
Dr. Xynos was so compassionate during my treatment for cervical cancer. Throughout my entire care under him, he would greet me with a warm hug and genuinely ask me about my day. I have NEVER experienced care with any other doctor like this. He practices in a univerisity hospital, so you have to get use to residents and students in the room with you, but in all I am always comfortable.

Dr. Xynos treats gynocologic cancers.

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