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Jeffrey SWEAT MD
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Mitchie (Patient) 03-10-2010
I was diagnosed with breast cancer and so I decided to do double mastectomy with immediate tram flap reconstruction. Dr. Sweat did an excellent reconstruction job!!! It exceeded my expectations. I am so impressed with his work and My husband and I are very happy with the outcome.
Dr. Sweat is very personal. He makes it a point that his patients understand the medical procedure - translating medical terms to something understandable by ordinary people. He presents all options to patients and walks you through pros and cons. He still takes care of you post surgery, ensuring you're happy with the outcome and willingly listens to concers you may have.
Hearing the breast cancer diagnosis from my surgeon was hard to accept. It affects a lot of women psychologically, mentally, physically - it affects ones self esteem, confidence,etc. But my experience with Dr. Sweat has actually helped eliminate those insecurities and uplift my self esteem... I know that I still have to face cancer no matter what but Dr. Sweat's work helped me develop a positive attitude that I can beat and conquer the disease :-)

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Dana (Patient) 08-08-2009
I recently had a bi-lateral mastectomy by Dr. Swanson with immed. reconstruction with Dr. Sweat. He did an awesome job. I had a 1 step procedure with no drains. He is also very caring and takes the time to explain the procedures in detail.

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