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Franklin (Patient) 11-07-2009
I was delighted, but not surprised, to find names of health
care professionals who have made such a positive difference in our
family's wellness. If possible, I'd like to offer a nomination for a most
talented and caring naturopathic physician. She is Dr. Maegan Knutson.
Dr. Knutson practices from a clinic, Health Moves, in Woodinville, Washington and is
highly skilled in all facets of naturopathic healing including
acupuncture. I've been seeing her, as needed, for nearly two years now
and have been so impressed that I've referred others to her for their
naturopathic needs, as well. The term, "gifted" is used quite often by
her patients. My wife refers to Dr. Knutson as a "gifted healer" and the
term, "gifted" is a reference I've overheard others at Health Moves use in
referring to Dr. Knutson. Please let me know what steps I may take to
ensure that this talented and caring health care professional realizes the
recognition she so richly deserves.

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