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Brighten (Patient) 04-15-2013
Dr. Peeler is a caring professional who takes her time to answer any question as thoroughly as possible. She has been my doctor for about 8 years, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. In my case, she has been incredibly supportive and informative throughout the menopause process and most recently, a hysterectomy. Again, she patiently answered countless questions and made sure both my husband and I were comfortable with all options. The entire office staff demonstrates the same positive attitude.

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Eva (Patient) 08-26-2010
I had the DaVinci robotic assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy with Dr. Susan Peeler to remove painful uterine fibroids that came back after a myomectomy with another GYN surgeon a few years before. I found Dr. Peeler after being disappointed in my search for someone with the experience and technical skills in this less invasive surgery along with a warm, genuine caring attitude. During the surgery, an endometrioma on my ovary was also discovered along with scar tissue from the previous surgery that was causing a lot of my pain, which she had predicted. She took great care to remove the endometrioma and the scarring while preserving my ovaries. Today, I am healthier and happier than I have been in years. Dr. Peeler has far and away exceeded my expectations, and I am a patient for life. She stays at the forefront of women's health care, has an exceptional and professional staff at her practice, and directs the Women's and Children's Center at the county's hospital. She always makes time to listen, recommend and follow up with her patients.

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EagleWoman (Patient) 11-18-2009
Dr. Peeler is a gynecologist, not an obstetrician. I went to her when I had uterine fibroids after researching several doctors. I had suffered with the fibroids for years and was adamant that I didn't want surgery. However, when I spoke with Dr. Peeler, she was so patient, understanding and respectful of me as a woman that I put my care in her hands. I was very happy with her professional and personal care before, during, and after the surgery...and I am so happy I did it!

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