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Orthopedics - New York Poughkeepsie

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New York

(City : Poughkeepsie)
(ZIP : 12601)
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Kenneth K HANSRAJ MD's Special Expertises :
Orthopedic Surgery Of The Spine

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David E (Patient) 02-06-2013
On 1-15-13 Dr. Hansraj performed a Decomprsion Laminectomy l4-5 due to a broad-based disc portrusion which was causing severe pain in my lower back and going down my right leg. After the operation, I no longer had pain and have not experienced pain for the last four weeks of recovery.
I am very well pleased with the outcome of my surgery and thank Dr. Hansraj and his surgical team for their expertise in performing this procedure. My presurgical evaluation and my post surgical care have been handled in a very professional manner as was my interfacing with the office team. I highly recommend Dr. Hansraj. He is very personable and caring and recognized for his expertised.

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Cristyne C (Patient) 05-12-2011
Dr Hansraj is an incredible and dedicated surgeon. I first saw him in August 1998 after having 2 back surgeries for a fractured vertebrae. He was friendly, thorough, compassionate, and empathetic. I was barely walking and my 8yr old daughter was helping me get out of bed. He had me come in on Christmas eve to sign my paperwork for surgery even though he had been at the hospital all night and his wife giving birth to their first son. He did my surgery on March 10th, 1999 and I haven't had a problem with my back since then. When I went to see him for my 2 week follow-up and told him that I was walking a minimum of a mile a day, he was ecstatic. Despite my other medical problems in recent years this man gave me my life back. If you need a spine specialist, Dr. Hansraj is the man to see.

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Avery E (Patient) 11-27-2010
ive been going to Dr. Hansraj for many years ive had back pain all my life he recently just did back surgery and im much better. I HIGHLY recommend him if anyone has back pain he will do everything to help you out. and will work with you anytime! his doctors office may be busy but im telling you its worth the wait. He's the best surgeon

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Johnson, M (Patient) 04-25-2010
Dr Ken Hansraj is one of the most brilliant spine surgeons in the world. He fixed my back problem with a much smaller surgery than was otherwise recommended. I am very thankful to him.

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Devereaux J (Patient) 03-02-2010
Dr Ken Hansraj is a compassionate, thoroughly skilled surgeon. He helped me by very good advice. He told me that I do not need surgery.

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Office 243 North Rd Ste 202S Dutchess Poughkeepsie NY 12601
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Office Phone # :
(845) 4719200
Fax # :
(845) 4711551

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Medical School
Hahnemann Univ Sch Of Med, Philadelphia Pa 19102
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(32 years of experience)

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