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Day (Patient) 07-12-2012
Thank you! I would refer anyone to Dr. Dayo- I had to have five by-pass open heart surgeries, unexpected to me or my husband. They helped us through it all.

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James M. (Patient) 07-05-2012
Most caring professional I have encountered. They hand picked all the personal and it works!

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M.B. (Patient) 07-02-2012
Extremely positive. Dr. Dayo and entire staff were excellent post op. and pre op. Outstanding!

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Anonymous (Patient) 06-29-2012
Treated very professionally by doctor and staff. I was given all the pros and cons of the operation I was undergoing to enable me to make a decision to have it.

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WG (Patient) 06-28-2012
You are the greatest and Dr. Fong also!

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AB (Patient) 06-18-2012
There is a heaven and Dr. Dayo has a place there and it is right next to me.

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FC and DC (Patient) 06-08-2012
Dr. Dayo, thank you does not seem adequate when it applies to the life-saving surgery you performed on my husband. Thank you so much not only for your skill as a surgeon but for your humanity—praying with us and giving us strength. FC and DC

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JL (Patient) 03-29-2012
Dr. Dayo is the best!

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Emm2012 (Patient) 03-29-2012
Dr. Dayo is the best! He is extremely knowledgable and makes you feel comfortable during treatment.

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Lois (Patient) 03-17-2011
Dr. Dayo and his staff treated me very well in February and March of 2010. The program is excellent! Thank you.

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Ginger (Patient) 03-02-2011
I received excellent care from the staff at the Venice-Ocala Heart Institute. Everyone from the aids to the nursing staff were caring, responsive and competent. Thank you!

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G.T. (Patient) 01-11-2011
This is an outstanding medical institution for any heart problems that one might have! The patient is treated with kindness and respect, and the doctors explain your health issue in language you can understand.

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mlm (Friend) 08-13-2010
Dr. Dayo and his staff were excellent in performing my father’s heart surgery in June 2010. I am so glad we were able to find a local surgeon as skilled as he is.

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B (Patient) 07-30-2010
The booklets and information sheets provided were most helpful. Moreover, the staff and the entire hospital staff were very kind and helpful. Thank you!

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B (Patient) 06-16-2010
After being told I had had a heart attack, I met Dr. Dayo. They ran tests and found I needed 6 bypasses- Dr. Fong did the surgery. Dr. Fong and Dr. Dayo are truly men of God- They trust in him and acknowledge that their Gift is from Him. I knew God led me to them to take care of me. The staff from top to bottom is wonderful.

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B (Patient) 05-21-2010
I received excellent service as a patient in the Cardiac ICU. I felt very secure and at ease with the high level of caring and professional nursing that I was given. When I was moved to the general care cardiac unit, the excellent attention continued. Their dedication to their patients and their profession was most obvious.

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JD (Patient) 03-04-2010
The care provided by Dr. Fong, Dr. Dayo, PAs Jennifer and Stephanie, the nurses and ancillary staff was certainly “state of the art.” Special thanks to Dr. Drier for anesthesia twice without disrupting my right TMJ.

During Pre-Op, Post-Op, Recovery, and my stay, it seemed that everything possible was done to further my recovery and/or make me less uncomfortable.

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M (Patient) 03-04-2010
Your expertise in replacing my Aortic Heart Valve with 4 bypasses is obvious from my post-op health.

The professional courtesies extended to my retired doctor brother by your phone calls pre and post op were above the call of duty. The time you took with my RN sisters who were present here in Venice was not even expected by them, but was certainly appreciated.

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JB (Patient) 03-04-2010
I was a patient at the Venice Regional Medical Center in the Cardiac Care unit for heart bypass surgery. I was first seen in the emergency room, then sent to a cardiologist for further tests, and on the Dr. Jonathan Fong and Dr. Mateo Dayo for surgery. The doctors were wonderful and the surgery went well, but I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT THE CARE I RECEIVED AT THE HOSPITAL WAS OUTSTANDING!

Your staff of nurses, aids, and others were wonderful, very professional, caring, and always thoughtful. They really loved what they were doing.

From Dawn (nurse) who took me through pre-testing to the volunteer who “wheeled” me downstairs to go home, everyone made this procedure much less stressful than I had feared.

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UR (Patient) 03-04-2010
I have recovered very well and I feel great! In a Rehabilitation Clinic in my country I made a test under physical pressure (EKG), the results were all excellent. The chief medical doctor was impressed and spoke with great respect of your heart surgery.

All my time I was looked after in a very professional way at the hospital. So many thanks also go to the team of nurses and other people involved looking after me. I indeed felt very well and safe at all times.

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