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Obstetrics & Gynecology - Missouri Kansas City

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(City : Kansas City)
(ZIP : 64139)
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Peter GREENSPAN DO's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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kristie (Patient) 07-21-2011
Dr Greenspan is not only a stellar physician but also a phenomenal person. Over the 25 years that he has been my doctor he has seen me through infertility, gynecological surgery, delivery of 2 children, a hysterectomy and other myriad medical situations. In his contact with my family, staff at the hospital and his office, and other patients I have observed the genuinely caring way he treats everyone he meets. One cannot help but become a little better person by having met Dr Greenspan. I pray he continues to share his gifts for years to come. Thanks for the opportunity to recommend this very fine qualified doctor!

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Colleen (Patient) 03-05-2010
Was an outstanding doctor. Helped me better understand what I was going to be going through and of course what I did go through. Has amazing bedside manner and was an excellent surgeon. Even the little things were awesome. I had asked for pictures of my fibroid (As gross as that is) and he did. My after surgery care was fantastic. Removing staples was painless. He really was a major step in helping me feel so much better about my surgery.

Meeting others who have been through the same situation wished they would have had Dr. Greenspan. I know I was lucky to have him be a major part of my surgery/recovery team.

He is Obygyn/surgeon/amazing doctor :)

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Office 7900 Lees Summit Rd Dept Of Ob/Gyn Jackson Kansas City MO 64139
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Office Phone # :
(816) 2182500

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Chicago Coll Of Osteo Med, Midwestern Univ, Chicago Il 60615
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(38 years of experience)

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