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Patricia BAUMAN MD
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Patricia BAUMAN MD
General Practice - California

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Kaitlyn L (Patient) 07-03-2010
I have been Dr. Bauman's patient for a number of years now. I rave about her to people I know. She is unlike almost all physicians I know currently in that she practices in her own office, not a part of a medical group. Her office is small, personal, and she knows me well. She has paid a great deal of attention and care to me over the years, running extensive tests when she became concerned about some issue, and following up by asking me to come back, persuing it with other doctors, calling them while I was there. She has referred me to specialists and made sure I was taken care of. She even makes house calls to older patients, and shows such personal, warm care that she is a treasure. She has a wonderfully dry sense of humor and always makes me laugh as well as feeling cared for. I don't even know if she takes new patients, but I would recommend her to anyone who is affected by how the medical establishment has become so impersonal these days. I feel she has made a significant contribution to my life, which is what doctors are supposed to do.

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