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Margarita CORREA MD
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Margarita CORREA MD
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation - Florida Orlando

Margarita CORREA
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Margarita CORREA MD



(City : Orlando)
(ZIP : 32804)
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Articles And Documents of Margarita CORREA MD:
Lymphedema — an overview

Margarita CORREA MD's CV :
Certifications: American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
*ABPMR: Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine
*ABPMR: Pain Medicine

Professor of the Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Department, University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus, San Juan, Puerto Rico (1984-2008)

Medical Director of Centro Fisiatrico Americo Miranda Inc, private practice in San Juan, Puerto Rico (1985- 2008)

Staff Physiatrist, SIMED, Ocala & The Villages, FL (2008-2010)

Private practice @ Physical Medicine Institute since 2010 to present.

Margarita CORREA MD's Books & Publications :
Margarita Correa, Cesar Gomez (2007) A novel mutation in limb girdle muscular dystrophy , 229-32. In P R Health Sci J 26 (3).
Padro CA, Lugo MC, Micheo W Correa M (1998) Cardiac rehabilitation in a young patient with severe left ventricular dysfunction and stroke: a case study, 149-153. In P R Health Sci J 17 (2).
Carmen A Padro, Margarita Correa (1997) A clinical study of a cardiac rehabilitation program (phase II), 245-50. In P R Health Sci J. 16 (3).
Margarita Correa, Jose Conde, Nilmarie Santini (1989) A physical fitness program for health professionals and students, 471-74. In Bol Asoc Med P R. 81 (12).
Margarita Correa, Angeles Sosa, Carmen E López (1986) Nerve conduction velocities: normal values for median and ulnar nerves, 1991-96. In Bol Asoc Med P R. 78 (5).

Margarita CORREA MD's Special Expertises :
Services provided:
*Electromyography (EMG) and Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS): a test that help in diagnosis of nerves, muscles, neuromuscular junction and motor neuron disorders

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Office 2902 N Orange Ave, Ste 205 FL 32804
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Fax # :
(352) 4046960
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(407) 2370069
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Ponce, Puerto Rico
Medical School
Medical Sciences Campus, Univ PR School of Med
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(42 years of experience)
English and Spanish

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