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X. Steve FU MD
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X. Steve FU MD
Hematology - Oregon

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shelley (Patient) 07-22-2010
I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, in July of 09. I took the time to seek out different doctors to treat my illness. After several pros and cons as to the approach, of how to treat it. I decided to settle with, Dr. X.Steve Fu. He was open and honest, he treated me aggressively , from the very beginning. He watched me very close duruing my treatment. He was always available, when I just wanted to talk on the phone or office. I believe Dr. Fu, treats people like they are a part of his own family. He listens,always gives you all the time you need,gives you the chance to be apart of your treatment, and believes that there is always something special about every human being. I would tell everybody to at least visit this guy. I have went to Seattle Cancer Center, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center,. Northwest Cancer Center and Portland Providence Cancer Center, for second and third opinions. Today I am still here,and believe it's because of him. I would give this guy 4 stars.

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