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Noelle R. (Patient) 10-29-2018
I have gone to Dr. Gandhi for over 10 years. She has always listened to me no matter what I have had to say. She takes care of every concern and makes sure to put my health first. She did my hysterectomy recently and I am so grateful that she did. It was ugly in there. She has a great sense of humor and the best bedside manner. She wants me to be not just healthy, but happy. She is the greatest!

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KW (Patient) 08-02-2010
Dr Gandhi is one of the most caring and supportive people I have met. She was the first doctor to acutally listen to my problems and want to fix them instead of telling me that it was "normal" and I should live with the pain.

Dr Gandhi goes above and beyond what is common culture now in medicine to make sure that her patients are well-informed and comfortable with all decisions being made regarding their health.

Dr Gandhi has performed 2 surgeries on me over the course of 3 years (tubal ligation/exploratory surgery & LAVH) and each time has made me feel as if I was her number one priority and nothing else mattered.

Dr Gandhi made me feel involved in the decision making process of my care. She didn't order tests or schedule surgeries without discussing with me first why she thinks we should go in certain directions, and if I felt or had any concerns, she took the time to go over everything until we came up with a game plan together.


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