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(City : King of Prussia)
(ZIP : 19406)
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Articles And Documents of Mark SARACINO MD:
Roger Rabbit Medical Mishaps
Dangerous Herb and Drug Combinations

Dr. Saracino was one of the first five Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologists in Pennsylvania and is currently certified Diplomat of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board (ACNB).

For more information check out the American Chiropractic Neurology Board website www.ACNB.org

Chiropractic neurological treatments include: exercise rehabilitation (on premise), stretching, nutritional counseling, massage, physical therapy and spinal decompression. The focus on muscles, ligaments and tendons to rebalance the nervous system allows for fewer spinal manipulations than those used by regular doctors of chiropractic.

Mark SARACINO MD's Books & Publications :
Dr. Saracino is an international guest lecturer and fitness magazine contributing writer to Muscle and Fitness - the most circulated magazine of its kind in the world and Lilipoh Magazines. The most recent article published was in Doctor of Dentistry's August 2008 issue. He has continuously published a seasonal newsletter, HealthLines, since 1983. Other involvements include serving as a chiropractic advisor to various performing arts companies, president of the board of directors to a professional theatre company and board member of a student-professional ballet company 1988-2004.

See all of the published articles at the "Doctor's Media" and "Health Information" links at www.DrSaracino.com

Mark SARACINO MD's Special Expertises :
Chiropractic Neurology is an exclusive sub-specialty within chiropractic. A rigorous three years of additional training and Board examination in the functions of the brain and nervous system (similar ...

Suggestions & Reviews for Mark SARACINO MD
Em (Patient) 06-05-2012
I rate Dr.Saracino, for his Professional and knowledgable manner. His overall concern to get to the point of pain and his use of different techniques to ease and relieve the pain. His willingness to listen yet him explaining everything along the way as he tries to heal my body of the pain.I thank Dr. Saracino so much for helping me through my pain, and making me feel comfortable,through this hard and difficult time for me. I am feeling and seeing the results of my treatments with him, I have a long way to go but he has helped me make progess and I trust him to help me get to the place of good health that I need and want to be. I would highly recommend Dr. Saracino to others to help them with their pain. He is such a good doctor and very good at his calling to helping and healing others.

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AgKi52 (Patient) 05-28-2012
I rate Dr.Saracino, for his Professional and knowledgeable manner. His overall concern to get to the point of pain and his use of different techniques to ease and relieve the pain. His willingness to listen yet him explaining everything along the way as he tries to heal my body of the pain. I thank Dr. Saracino so much for helping me through my pain, and making me feel comfortable, through this hard and difficult time for me. I am feeling and seeing the results of my treatments with him, I have a long way to go but he has helped me make progress and I trust him to help me get to the place of good health that I need and want to be. I would highly recommend Dr. Saracino to others to help them with their pain. He is such a good doctor and very good at his calling to helping and healing others.

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melav68 (Patient) 05-16-2012
Dr. Saracino helped me with a sinus issue when all the numerous doctors I saw just kept passing me off to other doctors and specialists. He is knowledgeable and explained everything he did.

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SalGo (Patient) 04-27-2012
I went to visit Dr Saracino for pain in my lower back. He helped me a lot by analyzing, pointing out and give me explanation about the cause of the pain. Dr Saracino then proceeded to treat me with great care and suggested ways to take care of my back so that it does not happen again. The results were so satisfying that I revisited him to treat a shoulder injury. Within a couple of weeks I noticed significant improvements and after a couple additional weeks the pain was gone. I am currently in a rehabilitation and feel great. Dr Saracino is very knowledgeable and always give thorough explanations.

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Alice S (Patient) 03-27-2012
I have been an athlete all my life so pain was part of my daily bread. However, my worse back injury came when I sneezed in the shower! I am SO HAPPY I found Dr. Saracino. He's had helped me live a pain free life. Dr. Saracino not only treats the injury but educates you on how to take care of your body. I've also used Dr. Saracino for a pulled tendon I had on my right wrist. I would recommend Dr. Saracino without hesitation. He is very knowledgeable and helpful.

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Bill K (Patient) 03-25-2012
Dr. Saracino is dedicated to expanding his knowledge and healing patients. Over the years I've come to rely on Dr. Saracino to reverse an unhealthy condition and restore wellness from a simple throbbing headache to serious injuries. My approach to recovery remains holistic as is my way of life; Dr. Saracino is one of the few that respects this decision providing treatment accordingly. Every day I am thankful for being pain free. I am truly blessed that our paths met. As in the past I continue to recommend family members, friends and acquaintances to seek his care.

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Brad C (Patient) 03-25-2012
Dr. Saracino is a great doctor who has helped me many times.I highly recommend his services.

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Rose H (Patient) 03-24-2012
Dr. Saracino is very passionate about his work. For me, I never liked feeling like I was in an assembly line at the chiropractor. Dr. Saracino takes the time to understand what is happening with you so he can heal you properly. And also, teaches you how to prevent further injury. He genuinely wants to help people stay healthy and feel healthy.

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Celia R (Patient) 03-24-2012
Excellent diagnostician and thorough in work. Doesn't rely on drugs to help the body heal, and has been very effective with extremely tight muscles and radiating pain.

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Sara B (Patient) 03-22-2012
Dr.Saracino helped me reducing my back pain when I was in labor and I thank him a lot for this. He is also helping my some of my family members. I think he is a great chiropractic.

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Rupert M (Patient) 03-22-2012
He listens to you and sincerely wants to make sure you're healthy again. Highly recommended!

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Betty H (Patient) 03-22-2012
I began treatment with Dr. Saracino following a car accident. I was suffering from neck and shoulder pain and stiffness as a result of the accident. Dr. Saracino is very knowledgeable, and explained everything he was going to do and did throughout the course of treatment--including why he doesn't do frequent spinal manipulations. Dr. Saracino was careful to not simply treat the immediate symptoms, but also provide a course for long-term comfort. I would highly recommend Dr. Saracino for anyone suffering from similar issues. In terms of staff, Dr. Saracino is a one-man show, but that has never been an issue with setting up an appointment. Dr. Saracino's flexible appointment hours met my needs when I changed jobs and job location. Dr. Saracino also worked well with my auto insurance company to resolve any issues that arose as treatment continued.

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Sylvo M (Patient) 03-21-2012
Dr. Saracino always shows that he cares about my holistic health.

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Stanley B (Patient) 03-20-2012
By using pressure points Dr. Saracino made a huge difference in my back health.

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Brad S (Patient) 03-19-2012
Dr. Saracino not only helped me, but he explained what was going on with my body.This is the best Dr. I ever went to I can't say enough great things about this man. I RECOMMEND TO ALL.

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Bill C (Patient) 03-17-2012
Dr. Saracino is the best doctor I have had the pleasure of dealing with. As a result of an accident, I fractured two vertebrae. Without his knowledge & expertise, my life & physical activities that I had known would no longer be possible. He worked with me and assisted me in recovering from this accident. He was always so flexible with his time, and worked with me to ensure I could schedule my treatments at a convenient time. When a winter fall deeply bruised my leg & hip, once again he brought me through a very slow recovery period by offering treatment as well as exercises to keep me flexible and mobile. I have strongly recommended him to friends and family. Whether they have chosen to accept my advice is questionable.

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Albert C (Patient) 03-14-2012
I am fortunate to have a $10 copay for specialists' visits and found Dr. Saracino listed as participating with my health plan. Found him online with a Google search and was as impressed with his website as his professional deneanor and competency. Unlike regular chiropractors, Dr. Saracino does not manipulate the spine often and he thoroughly explains everything he does from massage therapy, stretching and probing what I was doing during the day to prevent complete recovery. I highly recommend him for headaches and neck pain from which I used to suffer. Bravo!

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Chip (Patient) 06-03-2011
Hi,I have visited Dr.Saracino's office for my neck pain. He is friendly and knowledgeble. He explained everything well and adjusted my neck. I have 3 more apointments next week. Though the pain didnot subside immediately I am satisfied. His appointment times are flexible and always reachable on phone.

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Juan (Patient) 05-10-2011
Dr. Saracino was able to see me right away after I encountered a servere neck spasm. Throughout my visits he was always pleasant and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Dr. Saracino to anyone who is need of a chiropractor neurologist.

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Leen (Patient) 04-20-2011
I was suffering with Tennis Elbow for about two months when I ran into Dr. Saracino. He has treated me for three weeks and it is feeling 1000 times better. Being an athlete, I especially appreciate his complete - exercise, stretching, use, etc. - approach to remedying the issue.

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Doglover (Patient) 04-18-2011
I find DrSaricino to be extremely knowledgeable in his field and very professional. His manner is just friendly enough to put the patient at ease. I know I am in good hands with DrSaricino and I look forward to achieving optimum health with his help.

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Smax (Patient) 04-13-2011
Veryknowledgable, helpful, and sympathetic. Extremely happy i found him. I def recommend him.

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DiDY (Patient) 03-30-2011
It is always a pleasure walking into Dr. Saracino's office as he greets everyone with a warm, open smile. His techniques are quite varied which makes for a more rounded treatment and not just the same old routine. As he is working, he explains what is being done and how it affects the body, thereby educating the patient at the same time. Although his hours are 3 days a week, he can be contacted almost any time via phone and is quite amenable to working a patient into his schedule should they need to see him urgently. I highly recommend him to anyone needing specific and thorough treatment and who is willing to take the doctor's advice to help in their own healing.*

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Britlitman (Patient) 03-15-2011
I find Dr. Saracino to be one of the best doctors I've been fortunate enough to be in the care of. He always communicates well, and explains what he does as he's doing it. Very receptive to all questions asked. Bedside manner is the best I've encountered. I've already recommended him to my wife and my mother, so that should say something! Highly recommended.*

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Anya (Patient) 02-11-2011
Dr. Saracino was able to see me a few hours after I injured my back during a weight training session. He was able to provide immediate relief by adjusting my back. After a few sessions my back began to feel much better, and I was able to gradually resume my exercise program much sooner than I had expected. Dr. Saracino is very competent, courteous, and punctual. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing a chiropractic neurologist.

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stoneman (Patient) 02-10-2011
I was first introduced to Dr. Saracino in the 1990's concerning serious back injury from an automobile accident. His extended knowledge and unique technique enabled me to experience fulfillment in life pain free. I continue to receive care when life throws those unexpected curves. Always, I refer those in need to Dr. Saracino. He is a true blessing to my life, family members and friends.

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Remi (Patient) 02-03-2011
DrSaracino is one of the best doctors I have. His knowledge of sports medicine, neurology, massage therapy techniques, and holistic medicine reach far beyond the realm of chiropractic. DrSaracino, is a board certified chiropractic neurologist he fills a fundamental niche in his profession. He looks to cure the condition, not just manipulate the spine. His bedside manor is professional, trustworthy and engaging. I live almost 100 miles away now, and I still look to him for an appointment before heading to my primary care physician.

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GreekGeek (Patient) 02-01-2011
My massage therapist recommended DrSaracino after I injured my back on a machine at the gym. When I first sought treatment, I was in pain much of the day and had difficulty sitting in a chair or a car for any length of time without discomfort. Within a few sessions with DrSaracino which included massage, strechting and customized exercises, I felt much better . I was able to enjoy my workouts at the gym and workday again.Bonus to all this... DrSaracino showed me new exercises that are less likely to cause injury and now part of my workout routine. I think this customize and diverse approach helped me to recover much faster than other physical therapy sessions I have had in the past. I would recommend him.*

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Sumo (Patient) 01-25-2011
Unfortunately, this is my third and final attempt. For some odd reason, after I fill out the comment section, and press "add new rating" nothing happens. Because of this, my initial enthusiasm has dramatically curtailed, but - I will still continue, because of the importance of the matter. Prior to my visitation(s) with Dr. Saracino, my opinion on Chiropractors were subpar, but - after he cured me of my ailments with his expertise and positive bedside manner, I became indebted to his professionalism. Even after my last appointment, I still receive health related emails that have assisted my family and I throughout the years. Thank You Dr. Saracino, because you have my trust and loyalty!

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Nova (Patient) 01-19-2011
I have back pain off and on for years and one day could not believe how much it hurt. Dr. Saracino is located next to the Valley Forge National Park and Radisson where I worked as a teenager in the banquet rooms! Long story short, I am fine now mostly from the exercises he gave. He didn't just circle a few on a printout and give them to me and send me on my way like they, another facility, did years ago when I had pain. He actually showed me how to do them correctly during several sessions until I felt comfortable doing them on my own. I could not believe how something as simple as rotating my one foot outward a bit and bringing my feet closer together improved my leg-press exercise AND decreased the low back pain. That was the activity that was irritating the low back all these years and, finally, someone found out! I read all of his published-articles. And he wrote several more low back pain newsletter articles that are on his website. He knows his stuff.

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RRJ (Patient) 01-11-2011
Dr. Saracino helps keep me, my wife and adult son heathy with periodic chiropractic care. He has degree in Neurology, one of the very few held by PA chiropractors. This provides him with a broad view of patients conditions and needs. A case in point: A few years ago my son was in severe pain due to an injury that left him practically immobile, unable to work. Dr. Saracino provided conservative yet effective care and treatments(using state-of-the-art equipment) to provide relief and mobility for my son over a period of weeks. In a few short months he could work again. As important, he recovered without having a back operation two local osteopathic surgeons recmmended be performed immediately. Thanks, Dr. Saracino!*

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Mari me (Patient) 12-13-2010
My back was hurting to badly, I could not move for two days. My son wanted to call an ambulance, but Dr. Saracino spoke with me on the phone,asking questions about the pain. I did not know that there was so many different types of pain and they tell doctors what is going on in the body. He suggested specific positions to assume, that I use cold packs for so many minutes off and on and hot soaks with a certain type of salt my grandmom once spoke of.Well I never did go to the hospital and didn't need to because after I was taken a few times to his office in King of Prussia I was fine. It is located not too far from Delaware County because their are good highways that connect. He showed exercises and stretches which I do on my own periodically, to keep the tightness in check, and what NOT to do to irritate the low back. And, believe me, I do them, because I never want to have low back pain again, ever!

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Pebble (Patient) 10-29-2010
Back hurt, went a few times, back doesn't hurt anymore. Would highly recommend.

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Joe (Patient) 10-28-2010
I'm in construction and my back gets pretty beat up. Dr. Saracino is always there to help me get back to full strength. I'm thankful for his care and knowledge to keep me working hard. thanks Doc.

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David S (Patient) 10-27-2010
Dr. Mark Saracino, Is the best Chiropractic Neurologist! I Have been seeing him for 2 months for my lower back, Disc, Muscle & Nerve trouble! Dr. Saracino is very patient, kind, helpful & Understanding I would highly recommend him to everyone who needs a Chiropractic Neurologist!

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Karen S (Patient) 09-28-2010
The body is very complex and DrSaracino has learned it extremely well. He is very thorough in asking about symptoms and then investigating the touch points to find the source of the problem. I've had two primary sports injuries that he has corrected. One injusry from the extreme golf swing is out of alignement cervical vertibrae. The other is back spasms from running and golf. Not only does he correct the problem and relieve the pain but each time I've been treated my body feels more neutral and relaxed. I've been to at least six different chiropractors because of relocating and DrSaracino is the best I've found anywhere. Best is defined as having my pain relieved the fastest and most completely. I feel confident that he can help me with any physical pain or injury that doesn't require surgery or drugs.

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Tom B (Patient) 09-27-2010
I have been a patient of Dr. Saracino since 1986. Dr. Saracino is both very knowledgeable and loves his profession. Dr. Saracino has sometimes modified his schedule to grant me an appointment when my back and neck go into spasm. I would highly rate Dr. Saracino and would recommend his services.

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Diane (Patient) 09-22-2010
Dr. Saracino keeps me "pain-free." Whenever I experience joint pain, I know who to call. He always sees me promptly and within a few visits, my pain is gone. He is very knowledgeable and keeps me informed of his healing methodologies. I highly recommend his services!

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Christina S (Patient) 09-20-2010
Dr. Saracino is the best doctor I have ever seen in my entire life for any reason. I had a debilitating back injury about 4 years ago (I was 29 years old at the time) which caused me to completely lose the ability to walk. I had gone to 3 chiropractors already and 3 separate surgeons as well before seeing Dr. Saracino for a "2nd" opinion. Leading up to my visit with Dr. Saracino I was given a less than 10% chance to ever walk again. But after several months of visits, not only was I walking, but I was also pain free! I cannot say enough about him. He really is the best I've ever seen. I live almost an hour away from him now and he still is the only chiropractor I will see. He is the best!!!

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