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Heather R (Patient) 09-18-2010
Dr Real does fall under this category but he mainly falls under a category they don't have. He is an ent. He is a great ENT. He is the nicest doctor ever. I have been seeing him for 15 years now and you may think gross he practices at Princeton but he does have a Hoover office and I just had surgery and had to stay the night at Princton and I have stayed at most hospitals in town and it was very nice.I am moving to Mobile soon but will keep Dr Real as my Dr. Nobody else would be allowed to operate on me/ Plus his staff of Gwen making appts and Gail as his nurse are great!! He is amazing with kids b/c he is a big kid himself. You would never know he has money, he drives a pickup truck and lives in CHelsea. Yes, I hear his weife has made it an amazing home but he is a good old country boy!!

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