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Orthopedics - Alabama Birmingham

Herrick SIEGEL
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(City : Birmingham)
(ZIP : 35205)
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Herrick SIEGEL MD's CV :

Office Address: 1313 13th St. South
Birmingham, AL 35205

Office Telephone: (205) 930 8554

Office Fax: (205) 930 8564

Date of Birth: October 13, 1968

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA

Citizenship: U.S.A.

Marital Status: Married


Fellowship Orthopaedic Oncology/Adult Reconstruction
July 2000 – July 2002
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN

Residency Orthopaedic Surgery
August 1995-July 2000
University of Southern California/
Los Angeles County Hospital
Los Angeles, CA

Medical School New York University
School of Medicine
New York, NY
June 1991- May 1995

College: University of California, San Diego
San Diego, CA
September 1987- June 1991


Local Alabama Orthopaedic Society
Jefferson County Medical Society

National Musculoskeletal Tumor Society
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery
Children’s Oncology Group
Mid-America Orthopaedic Association
Connective Tissue Oncology Society
National Comprehensive Cancer Network: Bone Cancer Panel Member

International International Skeletal Society (ISS)

Boards American College of Orthopaedic Surgery

Medical License California (AO61164)
Minnesota (43050)
Alabama (24868)

Certifications Basic & Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification

Herrick SIEGEL MD's Books & Publications :
Multiple Publications in National and International Journals.

Editor and Reviewer for multiple orhtopaedic surgery and surgical oncology journals.

Herrick SIEGEL MD's Special Expertises :
Bone and soft tissue tumors
myeloma, melanoma, lymphoma
metabolic bone disease
osteoarthritis of shoulder, knee and hip
rheumatoid arthrititis
bone and joint infecti...

Suggestions & Reviews for Herrick SIEGEL MD
Johnny (Patient) 03-08-2018
Phenomenal surgeon. I have told all my friends to go to doctor Siegal and we all love him.

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James C (Patient) 07-03-2015
I had a terrible break around my femoral component and asked around for the best surgeon. My family found Dr. Siegel and he was fantastic. Really brilliant and nice guy. He really helped me so very much. Bless him and his staff.

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Jacob (Patient) 10-07-2014
I had my knee replaced by Dr. Armstrong and it never felt right. I went from surgeon to surgeon and they all told me everything looked fine. Dr. Siegel was able to find my problem and fixed it.

I feel fantastic. I wish I would have found him years ago.
If you're having problems with you total joint, find Dr. Siegel. I'm telling you, he can fix it:)

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James (Patient) 07-12-2013
After literally torture for 2 years with a bad hip replacement Siegel was able to fix me and get things back to normal. This guy is the best. Hands down!

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Jesse (Patient) 06-27-2013
Fantastic hip surgeon. I had my hip replaced by anterior approach. I was back at work and driving in a week. Awesome job!

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Reid A (Patient) 12-04-2012
Phenomenal surgeon. I can't believe how well I'm doing after my hip revision/redo. I'm telling you, nobody would touch me. Surgeons just passed me from one to the next. I saw Seigel and he said "no problem, let's get you fixed" and god bless him, he did!

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Lovell,T (Patient) 12-01-2012
Dr Siegel gave me my life back. I had a very bad hip infection for years. My first surgeon took it out and treated me with antibiotics. I went to 4 other surgeons to get opinions and no one would touch me.

Dr Siegel said no problem, I've seen worse:)

He changed my life. He actually gave me my life back. God bless him.

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Melanie R (Patient) 11-11-2012
I love this doctor. He is brilliant and gorgeous. I had both of my knees revised after another surgeon messed them up. He gave me my life back. I love doctor Siegel.

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James (Patient) 10-24-2012
I had my hip replaced by Dr Siegal. He did an outstanding job. I am doing fantastic. I recommend him highly. He also operated on my mom and she did wonderfully (total knee replacement).

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Jennifer (Patient) 04-28-2012
Well I can't say enough about doctor seigal. he is our hero. He gave me back the ability to walk and enjoy life again. I had a very bad result from a knee replacement by another surgeon in Birmingham. Seigel was able to redo it and fixed the problem. It's as good as new and I couldn't be happier.

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Matthew (Patient) 03-14-2012
Everyone recommended Dr. Siegel to me. My friend, my primary doctor and when my realtor suggested him as well I had to see for myself what the commotion was all about. Well, I had a really great experience. I have had a bad knee for as long as I can remember. Every hearing all my options, I went with a partial knee replacement and I am doing fantastic. Great surgeon. He treats you like a close friend. I'm on board with everyone else.

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Jason A (Patient) 09-18-2011
I had a custom fit total knee. I had a terrible knee for 20 plus years. I was so scared about surgery. I went for it with dr. siegel and I am very glad I did. Great expeerience at UAB highlands and I am doing so great now. I can really do anything I want and at 66 yrs old, that's not too bad.

Really great work by the doc.

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Jason l (Patient) 08-18-2011
This is a really great, caring doctor. He tells it like it is and really gives it his all. He' very busy, so ya'll may have to wait, but it's worth the wait to get things done right. I had both of my old knees revised and doing great:)

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Louise (Patient) 08-13-2011
I had both my hips replaced at the same time doctor seigel. Best decision I ever made. Recovery was easy and I was back to work in 2 weeks.

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Thomas E (Patient) 07-19-2011
This is a very special doctor. Extremely gifted and well respected. He replaced my hip and knee. Fantastic job! I can't say enough. Say hello to Michelle for me if you visit him, she is his nurse and very sweet girl.

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Alex R (Patient) 06-18-2011
This is an excellent doctor. He is caring and really customizes his care toward your needs. He works with a great staff, who are nice and helpful. The doctor is available by email, which is very nice. UAB was always scary to us, since it always seemed like a trauma hospital, but Highlands is much different. It is a lot easier to find your way around and has a nice feel.

I am currently cancer free and doing well.

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Jacob (Patient) 03-12-2011
I had an infected hip that nobody thought would ever get better. I saw doctor siegel and he did a couple of procedures on me and about 6 months later I was much better and had no infection. Its been about a year and I am nearly back to normal. Its really amazing how finding the right specialist makes all the difference.

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John (Patient) 02-11-2011
Very confident without being errogant, Dr. Siegel is a tremendous surgeon and a good person. His clinic is somewhat disorganized, because of his huge volume, but its worth it in the end. I received excellent care.

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Larry (Patient) 02-08-2011
Hands down best joint surgeon in alabama. I had both my knees done at the same time. I'll be honest, it was pretty tough at first. The rehab was brutal, but it was worth. I'm walking, working, and playing golf. The doc did a great job and god knows, I'm not the easiest patient.

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Jacob (Patient) 02-08-2011
Bone tumor patient. I had what is called a limb salvage procedure. It was very difficult at first. I thought my life would never be the same, but after the chemo was over and I started getting strong again, I'm almost back to myself again. I am really proud of myself. I did get very good care and I think the doctor did everything that could be done. I am 2 years out from my surgery and doing much better. No cancer and practically pain free.

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Lorraine (Patient) 01-31-2011
Hip replacement was very successful. Great bedside manner. Helpful staff.

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Thomas (Patient) 01-27-2011
I had both of my hips replaced by doctor segal. I did extremely well and am able to work around the house, garden, play doubles tennis and golf. UAB really was great. The nurses and therapists were very friendly. I had my surgery just over a year ago and am feeling wonderful.

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James M (Patient) 01-23-2011
I had a hip replacement 3 weeks ago and have no pain. I was miserable before the surgery and I'm telling you that the night after the surgery I was pain free.

I drove my self to my first clinic visit without a problem and am able to walk as much as I want now. It has been a great experience. Dr. Siegel said that he used a small posterior approach that is muscle sparing and it really worked out great for me.

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Janet (Patient) 01-20-2011
Outstanding surgeon. I had heard excellent things. My doctor said they he could work miracles and Dr. Siegel really did. I had inoperable cancer and was told there was nothing to do. Dr. Siegel was able to remove my tumor and saved my hip and leg. I am really doing wonderful 2 years out from surgery and cancer free.

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Alice J (Patient) 01-15-2011
I don't have a lot to say except that doctor siegel has given me a my quality of life back. I have breast cancer and was in bed for almost a year when it spread to my bone. I since have had both of my hips fixed. I can drive, play with my grand kids and live a very quality life and most important I can get out of my house without relying on others.

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greg j (Patient) 01-12-2011
I had fantastic results. I can walk better than I have in over 20 years. I had my hips replaced and my femoral bone straightened by dr siegel. I can't tell you how great of a job he has done. God bless this doctor.

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Kelly S (Patient) 12-28-2010
I usually don't go to sites like this; but I was looking up Dr. Siegel's phone number and this site came up. I have a congenital hip problem that many said was not working operating on. I have had a very short leg all my life. At UAB, I underwent a total hip with a tumor implant and my leg lengths are equal and I'm walking with only an occasional limp. I really am impressed with modern technology and this doctor is excellent. He knew exactly how to address my problem and got me to surgery within weeks. I had my surgery about 3 years ago.

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James F (Patient) 12-23-2010
Dr. Siegel inspired me to go to medical school. He took care of my father's cancer about 4 years ago. He was so awesome with him. We really thought we were going to lose him, but Dr. Siegel was confident and reassured us that things are going to be ok as long as he received the right treatment. My father is doing so well. Still working, still playing and doing everything he loves.

God bless doctor siegle. We love you.

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Julia (Patient) 12-19-2010
Dr siegel is really sharp. I have nothing great things to say. He replaced both of my hips and my mom's knees. We are doing so great!

We have are lives back. We both recommend him very strongly.

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Thomas J (Patient) 12-18-2010
I had a tremendous tumor on my left. Every doctor I saw told me I would lose my leg and that I didn't have a chance. Doctor Segel saw me right away. He knew exactly what to do and reassured me that he would do everything possible to save my leg and get rid of my cancer.

He did just that. I had surgery 3 weeks ago. Margins were good and I am walking painfree with my leg. I thank god everyday for doctors like this. He is a very brilliant surgeon.

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Kevin F (Patient) 11-03-2010
I don't usually write about people on the internet, but when I saw this sight I just wanted to comment on Dr Siegel. He operated on my mother's hip first and did a terrific job. She is doing so great and can do just about anything. As for myself, I had a tumor in my thigh that turned out to be cancer. I saw doctor Seigel and he reassured me that he could take care of it and get me the best treatment.

I have done very well, now 2 years cancer free. I really have had no problems and sometimes I even forget the whole thing happened. He is really good and can do just about anything in orthopedics.

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Thomas (Patient) 11-03-2010
I have seen Dr. Siegel for years. I was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma involving my humerus. My tumor was removed and my arm reconstructed to just about normal. I play golf and tennis and enjoy a normal life.

Dr. Siegel operated on me about 6 years ago. I have been going to him twice a year since I was 16. He is always uplifting, happy and puts a smile on my face.

I cannot say enough good things... He is my favorite doctor.

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tanya m (Patient) 10-11-2010
He is modest and one of the best in Alabama. My doctor referred my to Dr. Siegel because he said he was the only one in the state that could save my leg and he did. I have done so well. I had a very bad cancer that is very rare. Dr. Segel knew exactly what to do and I have received the very best care. I would recommend having a prepared list of questions with you, because sometimes its hard to remember everything when you see him.

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anthony p (Patient) 10-11-2010
My wife and I both had our knees replaced by DR. SIegel. We have done so well. Our therapist said it's the best recovery shes ever seen. We are both very pleased. He is going to replace my wife's shoulder next month. She has been suffering with rheumatoid for many years. We just love this doctor.

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Jonathon (Patient) 10-11-2010
Fantastic surgeon! Very good bedside manner. He did my total knee replacement and I am doing everything again. He has a pleasant demeanor, good sense of humor and upbeat.

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