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janice (Patient) 09-26-2011
dr joseph palascak,hematology u.c. cincy, has been my dr since about 1995. he is a wonderful dr person, and just a kind human being! heis ca credit to his profession. i can't recommend him enough. i was refer red to him after having developed a continuous blood clotting problem post spinal fusion. he immediately sorted the problem out andular gave me the proper treatment.i continue to see him on a regular basis without any further complications.when you put your life in his hands,you know he will take care of you! god bless you dr.palascak. a devoted patient p.s. dr palascak is also very diligent . he never gives up until he sees you get the proper treatment!

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georgina (Friend) 10-25-2010
My son in law has been misdiagnosed for over 2yrs. Then he was diagnosed with Lupus but that was wrong too..While in the Barrett Center in Cincinnati Oh He saw Dr. Joseph E Palascak after a battery of involved tests he was found to have Factor V. Thank God for this Doctor.Now my son in law can get the proper treatment to save his life.I can't imagina how we were going to tell my 6yr old grandson he daddy was dying. Or had died. He is a credit to his profession without a single doubt..If not for this man Jeffrey would have gone on with yet another misdiagnosis and would have died he is only 25. Again thank God for Dr. Joseph E Palascak. Sincerly Georgina Claypool...a very grateful Grandmother

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