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Nancy F (Patient) 01-22-2011
I have been going to Dr. Michael Stanko for years however on a Saturday I began to see black swirls in my right eye. First thing Monday morning I called the office and they asked me to come in immediately. Two minutes into the exam Dr. Stanko explained I had torn my retina and walked me down the hall and introduced me to Dr. Khanani. Dr. Khanani used the latest technology to repair my eye, texted me every few hours to check on my progress and then met me on a Sunday to look at my eye personally! What doctors take that kind of care of their patients? I also enjoy what a great communicator Dr. Khanani is. He was able to explain to me exactly what was going on and what the treatment would be. He customized his review of my situation around my schedule as well as his. Dr. Khanani and Dr. Stanko make an outstanding team. I would highly recommend Dr. Khanani.

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Cory S (Patient) 01-08-2011
I have been a patient of Dr. Khanani's for about 6 months and I highly recommend him. I have a potential blinding illness that has been flaring up these past six months. Dr. Khanani has used injections and laser treatments to preserve my the vision I have and I have not lost any additional vision in the care of Dr. Khanani. Although being in the Doctors office is never fun, Dr. Khanani is one of the most personable and friendly Doctors I have ever met. He isn't one of those doctors that you feel like you are burdening in their office. He is one of the doctors that you can see really cares about you and he has the brains and training to back that up so it's the perfect combination.

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Ron S (Patient) 12-24-2010
I can't say enough about Dr Khanani and his staff. I had been battling Diabetic Retinopathy, for several months. My condition, even after laser treatments, was still deteriorating. I was referred to Dr Khanani, who performed surgery on my eye, Today I am seeing 20/30 with that same eye, which was testing at 20/400 before the surgery.

I am very thankful to be a patient of Dr Khanani, and would recommend him, as well as Sierra Eye Associates, to anyone with eye issues.

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