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Plastic Surgery - California Los Angeles

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(City : Los Angeles)
(ZIP : 90048)
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Plastic Surgery

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JT (Patient) 10-14-2011
I love my results and the experience I had with Dr. Aronowitz. From our first meeting I was confident that he was the right doctor for me.

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Barbara A (Patient) 09-09-2011
Dr.Aronowitz is the BEST. I am so happy with the work I've had done. He always sees me on time. The office staff is wonderful and always available in an emergency. I will be back for more surgery.

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PF (Patient) 08-25-2011
How do you thank someone as kind and compassionate as Dr. Aronowitz. It was specifically because of him that I flew 3000 miles to have the skin sparing mastectomy procedure. However, I did not expect the level of concern and sympathy from him the doctor of his caliber woud typify. I only wish every breast cancer patient was as lucky as I am to have had him as part of my team.

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Joan P (Patient) 08-10-2011
I feel as though I am finally living in MY OWN BODY rather than a fat version of who I am not. I have a waist and I am ever so happy. Dr. Aronowitz is a fantastic plastic surgeon.

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Office 8635 W Third St. ste1090W CA 90048
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(310) 6590705
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(310) 6590952

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Baylor College of Medicine
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